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Musings from Curmudgeon Corner 1/22/10

By Mike Keys | December 23rd, 2010

Posted from Curmudgeon Corner, Maine

So, the topic is moving to the draft. The Redskins have the 4th pick. There will be several exceptionally talented players availible at that point.

At the moment, the “pros”, led by Mel Kiper, seem to be betting that the Redskins will select a quarterback. Redskins fans, on the other hand, seem to be hoping for a focus on the offensive line, and most want Okung, if he’s still there.

The thinking among fans is, the offensive line, as it currently exists, is a hazard to the career of any young, unproven quarterback. We all remember what happened to young Patrick Ramsey a few years ago… and we have all seen the incredible battering that has been absorbed by Jason Campbell… The best left tackle in the draft seems a no brainer.

On the other hand, a question my son asked me tonight has stuck in my head… “If you knew that Joe Montana was in this draft… wouldn’t you take him?” He points out that Shanahan is not going to force a new quarterback to play before he’s ready… and that he knows how to put together an offensive line, as well.

So I’m reassured… the Redskins could take the best availible quarterback, and it would not be the end of the world. Kiper’s betting on Bradford, at the moment… worse things could happen…

Hmmmm… So, let’s continue on that line of thought. The Redskins are not in a situation where they can afford to make a mistake with a pick of this weight. They must select a player who will be highly successful, and, if possible, make a strong impact on the game… as they did with the selection of Brian Orakpo.

Perhaps the most impressive defensive line talent of the decade (according to some analysts) is availible in this draft. If Suh is, by some miracle, there at #4, what do you do? “Impossible”, you say? Well, who thought that we’d have a shot at Orakpo last year? And… to paraphrase my very wise son, once again, “If you knew you had a shot at Bruce Smith, wouldn’t you take him?” Yes, I know Smith was an end… use your imagination…

I’m certain that in that case, there would be an effort to trade down… the value of this player is incredible, and may be worth quite a price… It’s very likely that a bidding war could develop. But, what if there are no takers?

I think you have to make that selection! This is a man whom, I believe, will have a huge impact on the game. I mean, imagine Albert Haynesworth with a motor. You take him.

Oh, but don’t worry… Suh won’t make it past the second pick…


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