Leftovers – Week 17

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In an unusually short edition of Leftovers, Redskins linebacker Andre Carter talks about what the win over the Jaguars means heading into the 2011 season, how the game plan changed with Maurice Jones-Drew out of the picture, Devin Thomas’ return to FedEx Field, and gives his thoughts on the Giants game being moved from 1:00 PM to 4:15 PM.

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THN: What does a win like this prove or say about yourselves heading into next season?

AC: We still are a great football team despite hitting a lot of lows during the 2010 season. This win is a stepping stone on how we would like to be in 2011.

THN: How much different was the Jaguars game plan with Rashad Jennings starting at running back since they had to be without Maurice Jones-Drew? How much did that help you as a defense?

AC: Despite Jones-Drew not starting in Sunday’s game, Jennings is still a great running back. [He’s] very powerful and explosive. We were gap-sound and for the most part tackled well during the game.

THN: What do you think about the game being moved back to 4:15? What time slot do you like to play in the most during the season?

AC: I like those one o’clock games. The day seems to drag when we play the late afternoon and night games. I am more antsy and always looking at the clock.

THN: Is the team going to pay more attention to Devin Thomas this week considering the damage he did on special teams a few weeks ago? He is going to want to show the fans at FedEx Field what they’re missing.

AC: This is homecoming for Devin. Knowing him, this is a big game for him and it will be interesting to see what he does.

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