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Herm Edwards – Rookie Symposium

By Mark Solway | June 30th, 2011

Former NFL coach Herm Edwards addressed the league’s newest players at the NFLPA Rookie Symposium today.

Here is a clip courtesy of ESPN:

Herm Edwards Clip

Some classic Herm Edwards in there…

“It’s your job – you don’t have to go to class anymore – it’s your job.”

“I got one tackle left in me.”

Unfortunately it’s not the entire speech – and I couldn’t find the rest of it. Maybe that’s a good thing, because after listening to Herm – I’m ready for some football!!

There were some additional great quotes mentioned on SportsCenter:

On how to conduct themselves: “Sign your contract… one car, one house, one piece of jewelry. You get one girlfriend or one wife – not both.”

On football players’ jewelry: “I’ve seen those big old watches… you should never be late.”

Classic stuff.

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