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Lockout End Nears Closer

By Mark Solway | July 24th, 2011

It’s easy to understand NFL fans being gun shy after Thursday’s fiasco, and I begged of you not to buy into the hype, but it looks like the league and the NFLPA made another leap forward today. Apparently, a tentative agreement may have been reached.

It was only 48 hours ago that Redskins player rep Vonnie Holliday sounded off about the day’s actions of the owners. So when Albert Breer (@AlbertBreer) wrote on today that both sides were closer to a deal, I jumped on Twitter and tweeted Vonnie a couple of quick questions.

First I asked him if there was actually real progress today, or if it was more media hype from ownership.

He quickly responded, “Real Progress made today!!!!”

Well everybody knows that FOUR exclamation marks is reason to be excited, and I was, so I asked if he thought there was a real possibility that they could vote ‘yes’ to the agreement by Tuesday, opening the door for a possible opening of training camp by week’s end.

“It’s real!”

You can check out the exchange between Vonnie and I on Twitter here, and here.

Considering that Vonnie seemed legitmately dumb struck by the owners tactics a couple of days ago, it’s real grounds for optimism, when you note his excitement. The end might be near.

So Redskins fans, start getting out your Redskin bobbleheads, your mini-helmets, your beer towels, your beer… and be ready to toast this lockout’s end, and possibly by early-to-mid week.There could be football action at Redskins Park by the weekend.


Notes: You can (and should) follow Vonnie on Twitter @therealholliday and you can support him by checking out the Vonnie Holliday Foundation online. Follow us on Twitter @TheHogsdotNet.

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