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Business is About To Pick Up

By Mark Solway | July 25th, 2011

It appears that the NFL Lockout is over. At almost 4:00am this morning, Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer tweeted that ownership and the NFLPA had finally come to an agreement on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

While almost 2000 NFL players still have to vote on the pact, which they will do shortly after coming together at around 11:00am today, it is considered a formality. Free agency should start by noon Tuesday, and teams will start reporting to training camp on a staggered schedule beginning on Thursday, with the last teams reporting on Saturday.

According to Pro Football Talk, in an email from Drew Brees to his team, there will be no three day grace period for teams to sign their own free agents. Players will be free to sign anywhere and that’s going to make the feeding frenzy fast and furious.

It isn’t hype – it isn’t posturing – the two sides have finally agreed to the longest CBA likely ever agreed to – potentially a decade of harmony.

There are a lot of interesting changes to the new CBA that will likely be discussed ad nauseum over the next few weeks, as capologists and fanatics pour over the hundreds and hundreds of pages of legalese.

In the meantime – are you ready for some football Redskins fans?

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