A Prodigal Son Returns Home

Washington Commanders

If you’re looking for a blog about a Washington Redskin fan favorite returning home – then this blog is the wrong place to look! Sort of.

This blog is just an FYI and a teaser that a long, long time friend of THN is making his way back to the Redskins blogosphere. In fact, he’s been gone long enough for us to say, that he and I were blogging about the Redskins before there were blogs.

So it is with my pleasure that I announce that a prodigal son has come home. You might now him as Les, you might now him as the big guy, you might now him simply as Wingman, you might not yet know him; but you all will come to know him as one of the most passionate, intelligent and downright hilarious Redskins bloggers that you can follow.

Les was putting out an article called “The Cheap Seats’ all the way back in 2002! That’s right, 2002! Check the archives. I see people posting things like ‘Redskins Original blogger since 2005’ – huh? How can you be ‘the original’ when we’ve had guys blogging about the Skins since 2002… you just didn’t CALL it blogging back then. I would never call us ‘the originals’ myself, but I do know that we have been putting out exclusive Redskins content, from Redskins fans, since 2002 – and there weren’t many people doing what we were doing then.

So it is with great pride that I make this momentous announcement. THNers and Redskin fans alike will once again be able to don their view from ‘The Cheap Seats,’ and you can look for it to kick off some time today!


Notes: We used to have a cutesy little Flash shell that we used to house Wingman’s Cheap Seats articles – going to look on the Way Back machine and see if I can find it.

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  1. Sorry to not have posted Wingman’s return blog yet, but with training camp opening etc. we thought it would be best to wait until Monday. Thanks.

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