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Daniels Wants To Set The Record Straight

By Mark Solway | July 29th, 2011

Phillip Daniels is upset with Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post’s DCSportsBog.

The very recently released defensive lineman obviously had to face a barrage of questions over the last 24 hours, and he’s not to pleased about the interpretations of his comments, made by Steinberg. Daniels took the opportunity this afternoon, to make his side of the story clear on Twitter. What follows is a series of tweets by Phil (@PhilDayz93), with links to the actual Twitter posts.

“Reading some of the stuff out there and man people can chop and screw you on statements and interviews. Wow!!!!!” Link

“And it’s not the people you do the interviews with, it’s the outside people trying to find stories for glory.” Link

“I’m going to tweet some of the chopped and screwed stuff. Here goes:” Link

“RT @dcsportsbog Phillip Daniels criticizes Mike Shanahan’s handling of Haynesworth, says it hurt the team” Link

“RT @dcsportsbog Er, here’s Daniels on Shanahan” Link

“They take your answers to tough questions and then they flip them to sound negative or critical. Why not just interview me yourself Dan and get your own story” Link

“If you ask anybody who listened to the Lavar and Dukes show they would tell you that I was answering a tough question by Lavar and telling the truth. I was never upset or angry about my release. Just thankful for my years and the fans.” Link

“I love coach Shanahan and even he would tell you that if he had to do things all over again it would have never gone as far. Just glad all the guys can focus on football with no distractions.” Link

“God says I shouldn’t worry about what people say so I pray that he forgives me.” Link

There is sure to be a response from Steinberg, stay tuned.


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