Training Camp – Monday Wrap-Up (8/1)

Washington Commanders

Today was the first training camp practice featuring equipment – well, shells anyway – and I was there live Tweeting about all the action. If you were not able to follow along, I put together a list of my Tweets to catch people up on today’s happenings, as well as a couple of pics from today’s morning practice.

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Photo By Jake Russell
Photo By Jake Russell

8 hours ago: Just got to #Redskins Park and gates just opened. Surprising turnout… Probably not even 100 fans here yet.

8 hours ago: Back at it again. Hard knock life. #Redskins @TheHogsdotNet

8 hours ago: #Redskins udfa o-lineman Corey O’Daniel is the first player out on the field like he was Saturday. @TheHogsdotNet

8 hours ago: There look to be more signings made… a new tight end #86 named Torchia (sp?) New udfa qb Verica out of UVA is dressed and ready. #Redskins

8 hours ago: Mark Verica is wearing #15. #Redskins

8 hours ago: Another new wr wearing #80… anderson. Trying to figure out who some of the new guys r. Looks like they made new rookie signings. #Redskins

7 hours ago: Keenan McCardell working a lot with Anderson. #Redskins @TheHogsdotNet

7 hours ago: Richmond Flowers among #Redskins assistants working with the scout team defense as the starting offenss runs drills Banks, Anderson r others

8 hours ago: I believe the new LB out of Michigan is wearing 92 now. #Redskins

7 hours ago: James Davis dropped a punt, went back to immediately re-do it. #Redskins @TheHogsdotNet

7 hours ago: Team walking through warm ups after some short drills. #Redskins

7 hours ago: New rookie cb dante barnes out of norfolk state is wearing 39. #Redskins

7 hours ago: Jammal Brown is here watching on the sidelines wearing his patented white head band. #Redskins

7 hours ago: Players are in individual position drills right now. Running backs on the far end, receivers on end closest to #Redskins Park

7 hours ago: Sellers misses a pass. #Redskins

7 hours ago: Sellers just laid out for a pass from Chappel. #Redskins

7 hours ago: Hankerson @HankTime85 just made a nice one handed grab that wow’d the crowd here. #Redskins

6 hours ago: Team is running spirited 11-on-11 drills right now #Redskins

6 hours ago: Gaffney makes a nice catch over the middle. #Redskins

6 hours ago: 11-on-11 drills. #Redskins

6 hours ago: Niles Paul @Niles_Paul makes a nice catch on the far sideline. #Redskins

6 hours ago: Good to see the #Redskins playing DeJon Gomes @HuskerHybrid_7 close to the line. Played a little LB at Nebraska. @TheHogsdotNet

6 hours ago: Beck connects with Hankerson on the first TD bomb of practice. #Redskins

6 hours ago: #Redskins now doing 7-on-7 drills.

6 hours ago: DeAngelo Hall picks off Beck’s pass intended for Fred Davis. uh oh. #Redskins

6 hours ago: Hall picks off ANTOHER Beck pass. Like I said, uh oh. #Redskins

6 hours ago: Fred Davis makes a nice diving catch on the sideline. #Redskins

6 hours ago: DeJon Gomes @HuskerHybrid_7 breaks up a pass intended for @Terrence_Austin. #Redskins

6 hours ago: Another new player: #58 McBride. #Redskins

6 hours ago: trent williams had no hard time knocking down mcbride in lineman drills #Redskins

6 hours ago: Cooley just got the ball stripped and returned by the d. #Redskins

6 hours ago: Fred davis with a nice catch again. Looking good so far. #Redskins

6 hours ago: Beck throwing lot of short/intermediate passes. Not many long throws today. #Redskins

6 hours ago: Ryan Kerrigan’s knee is wrapped heavily in ice again #Redskins

5 hours ago: Beck indecisive and running around a lot today. #Redskins

5 hours ago: Finally Graham Gano is practicing kicks/holds. Someone must have told him about Shayne Graham. #Redskins

5 Hours ago: #Redskins lose practice by surrounding gano and heckling him. Airhorns and everything. He made it. #Redskins
(Clearly meant to say END practice. Don’t know what I was thinking when I put “lose” in there.)

5 hours ago: Cooley, DeJon Gomes, Torain signing for fans. #Redskins

5 hours ago: RB @RyanTorain signing for fans. #Redskins

5 hours ago: Asked Torain about Hightower: “He’s gonna come and help us win.” #Redskins

5 hours ago: Another new defensive player: #36 Shannon . #Redskins

5 hours ago: #86 Torchia long snapping after practice. #Redskins

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