Training Camp – Tuesday Wrap-Up (8/2)

Washington Commanders

Tuesday’s camp was better overall performance-wise. Players and coaches alike are getting into the groove of things now that football is finally back. The big news came after practice regarding newly re-signed cornerback Phillip Buchanon when coach Mike Shanahan announced that he would be suspended for the first four games of the season but he did not clarify what it was.

During practice, I happened to see much-maligned former Redskins cornerback Ade Jimoh and talked to him about his life after football, the differences between Steve Spurrier and Joe Gibbs. Needless to say, he said the difference between both were apples and oranges. He said he was in camp because after football he completed grad school and is now back living in the area and wanted to see some old teammates again, despite there not being that many left. I was impressed that he was there and he couldn’t have been any nicer. In case some of you don’t believe that he was there, there’s photographic proof in the Tweet sheet below.

For added measure, here are a couple of pictures I snapped for those of you who weren’t there, which by the attendance of the last two days, was a lot of you.

Photo By Jake Russell
Photo By Jake Russell

So for those of you who missed it, here is a recap of the goings-on at Redskins Park today during and after practice. There are plenty of pictures to go along with the Tweets. Be sure to follow me @_JakeRussell and @TheHogsdotNet on Twitter.

9 hours ago: Up and at it again at #Redskins Park. Saw players like Kellen Clemens, Graham Gano, and Horatio Blades arrive. #THNatCamp

9 hours ago: Tarp is still out on the field from yesterday’s thunderstorm. #Redskins #THNatCamp

9 hours ago: Rookie offensive tackle Willie Smith is the first guy on the field . #Redskins #THNatCamp

9 hours ago: John Beck making his way to practice. #Redskins #THNatCamp

8 hours ago: My friend @Austin__126 just asked new linebacker Obi Ezeh if he asked to have #92. The answer: “Aww hell no!”

8 hours ago: #Redskins safety @blessedskins OJ Atogwe signing autographs for fans.

8 hours ago: #Redskins offense is running drills against scout team defense for now. #THNatCamp

8 hours ago: #Redskins lb @Mr_Henson51 Robert Henson is sitting out of practice without shells. #THNatCamp

8 hours ago: Ryan Kerrigan is in shells and has a new knee brace on his right knee as opposed to the leg sleeve he had been wearing. #Redskins #THNatCamp

8 hours ago: Former #Redskins DB Ade Jimoh is here observing practice. Just finished grad school. Follow him @AdeJimoh32 #THNatCamp

8 hours ago: #Redskins going through basic stretches right now. #THNatCamp

8 hours ago: The Golden Grahams: Shayne Graham and Graham Gano. #THNatCamp #Redskins

7 hours ago: #Redskins receivers running cone drills. #THNatCamp

7 hours ago: RB Tim Hightower in the gray shirt observing the rb’s.

7 hours ago: Heard Kyle Shanahan reference Ricky Watters when the rb’s were doing short passing drills. #Redskins #THNatCamp

7 hours ago: Verica overthrows a pass to Armstrong a few passes after Beck connects to Cooley. #Redskins #THNatCamp

7 hours ago: #Redskins running 11-on-11 drills. Beck runs for the sideline for about 5-10 yards on first play. #THNatCamp

7 hours ago: DeAngelo Hall is hurt. Holding his wrist on ground in pain. #Redskins #THNatCamp

7 hours ago: Torain broke out on a nice run between the tackles. #Redskins #THNatCamp

7 hours ago: John Beck connects with a nice pass to Malcolm Kelly for about 15 yards. #Redskins #THNatCamp

7 hours ago: DeAngelo Hall getting his wrist wrapped up with a brace right now. #Redskins #THNatCamp

7 hours ago: Hall back in. #Redskins #THNatCamp

7 hours ago: Beck connects on a td bomb to Armstrong. #Redskins #THNatCamp

7 hours ago: Team going to 7-on-7 drills now. #THNatCamp #Redskins

7 hours ago: Perry Riley @PR56 breaks up a pass intended for Evan Royster @EvanRoyster22. #THNatCamp #Redskins

7 hours ago: Mike Sellers drops an easy pass from Beck. Right in his hands. #Redskins #THNatCamp

7 hours ago: Ben Chappel misconnects on a pass intended for Terrance Austin over the middle. #Redskins #THNatCamp

7 hours ago: Malcolm Kelly makes a nice sliding catch on the far end. Working really hard to make the team. #Redskins #THNatCamp

7 hours ago: Leonard Hankerson makes a nice catch in coverage. #Redskins #THNatCamp

7 hours ago: #Redskins using main field to do special teams straight line drills. #THNatCamp

7 hours ago: Ryan Kerrigan is by himself working w/ assistants doing agility drills. #Redskins #THNatCamp

7 hours ago: #Redskins S @MrLandry30 is working on the far sidelines sprinting with a trainer. #THNatCamp

7 hours ago: Receiver Aldrick Robinson takes a nice hit going across the middle. #Redskins #THNatCamp

6 hours ago: Sellers looks to have landed on the ball. May have knocked the wind out of himself. #Redskins #THNatCamp

6 hours ago: Practice is still going on. Over 2 hrs now. Sellers back at it again. Looks to be fine. #Redskins #THNatCamp

6 hours ago: Ryan Kerrigan, Kareem Moore and Obi Ezeh working on individual drills. #Redskins #THNatCamp

6 hours ago: Kerrigan has been working a lot on pass coverage drills for the past 10-20 minutes or so. #THNatCamp #Redskins

6 hours ago: Camp for today has just concluded. #Redskins #THNatCamp

6 hours ago: Dan Snyder signing for fans. #Redskins #THNatCamp

6 hours ago: Ryan Kerrigan signing for fans. #Redskins #THNatCamp

5 hours ago: Asked DeAngelo Hall how his wrist feels and he said “it feels good.” #Redskins #THNatCamp

5 hours ago: Beck signing for fans. #Redskins #THNatCamp

5 hours ago: O.J. Atogwe @blessedskins among the last #Redskins signing for fans #THNatCamp

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