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Depth Chart Released

By Mark Solway | August 9th, 2011

Well Redskins Nation, as you scour the newlines today, in search of that tidbit of Redskin knowledge that you didn’t have yesterday, you’re sure to come across the new depth chart released yesterday.

Many fans, including myself, like to take a look at what’s at camp, and make predictions as to what the final 53-man roster will look like. Obviously an official release helps drastically in hammering out that list.

There is one reason that I blogged this, when it will be blogged by so many others, I want you to keep that one thing in mind while you’re looking at the list:


That means, just because Grossman is listed ahead of John Beck, doesn’t mean anything more than that Beck is still sidelined by a slight groin injury. it doesn’t mean that over the first week of camp, Grossman is winning any battle.

It means that Roy Helu and Tim Hightower are listed ahead of Ryan Torain because Torain has a hand/wrist injury, not because they’re winning any battle.

And so on.

So Redskin fans, you CAN garner some great information from this most recently released piece of news, but it is NOT the be-all-and-end-all by any means.

Some positions of note:

Mike Sellers is currently 4th on a TE depth chart that will likely only include 3 TE’s. There are no injuries to account for, so right now, Big Mike is on the outside looking in.

Darrel Young is currently eking out Keiland Williams at fullback.

We have some tough decisions ahead at linebacker.

To make matters worse, media and bloggers are now linking to the ‘official depth chart’ at – which doesn’t even INCLUDE those that are currently injured. You are far better off checking out the original PDF, you can download it here. The depth chart is on page 21. I implore you, check that over the depth chart at, and REMEMBER, if a player is currently injured – he is automatically listed last at that position.

Got a question or comment about the depth chart, hit us op on Twitter @TheHogsdotNet.



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