Jenkins Has Torn ACL

Washington Commanders

When Redskin rookie Jarvis Jenkins went down against the Baltimore Ravens last night – it didn’t look good. This morning, Jenkins confirmed what many feared while watching – he has a torn ACL.

Jenkins tweeted this morning, “Redskin fans thanks for the support I love you all…unfortunately it is a ACL tear….” Link

A tough break for Redskins Nation, an even tougher break for Jenkins, who had wowed all so far at training camp.

Athletes recover quicker and quicker these days, but JJ’s 2011 season is likely over. He will be moved to the Injured Reserve, and start the healing process.

Evidence of the great attitude that brought him to the dance, Jenkins also tweeted, “I’m gonna work harder than I’ve ever worked to get back. I love this game too much #HTTR.”

The loss of the rookie defensive end leaves Washington a little light on depth, and a move will likely have to be made to fill the slot. Phillip Daniels would seem like a natural fit with his experience and familiarity, and that gives the Redskins a chance to right a wrong.

Regardless of what moves are made, the Redskins 2011 defensive line took a bit of a step backwards with the loss of Jenkins, who looked poised to make a big splash in his inaugural season.

Get well Jarvis. A great NFL career awaits you.


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