Twitter Entertainment For The Redskins Fan

Washington Commanders

If you’re not on Twitter, and can’t figure out what you could possibly be missing, maybe you should read the following before rushing to judgment. Ok, well maybe it’s not that earth-shattering, but still, read on…

One of the nice things about Twitter is semi-quasi interactivity with your favorite athletes – in this particular instance, Washington Redskins’ LaRon Landry and Kareem Moore – who hammed it up via Twitter this morning, to the amusement of #RedskinsNation. Witness today’s “twonversation” – LaRon’s Twitter handle is @MrLandry30 and Kareem’s is @KMO41AMN:

@MrLandry30: Mimis brunch with @KMO41AMN  damn dudes head big as $&@!…

@MrLandry30: @KMO41AMN wears a size 9 fitted cap…

@KMO41AMN: Shots huh??? Wit his extra smeduim shirt on.

Kareem then posted a sneak pic of LaRon:

@KMO41AMN: @MrLandry30

@MrLandry30: @KMO41AMN wow whoadi done stuck a pic….dat means WWWWwwwaaaarrrr

Then some guy with the handle @TGibson810 gets in on the action:

@TGibson810: @KMO41AMN must be @MrLandry30 favorite shirt from middle school

… to which Kareem agreed.

@MrLandry30: @KMO41AMN bra this tee is a fresh XL straight out the pack

@KMO41AMN: u ight bruh??? Don’t b mad @ me cause they say u get ur shirts from children’s place lls

See? Now that’s some pretty funny stuff. When in the history of being a sports fan have you been privy to the jokes that your favorite athletes are playing with each other?

Twitter might not take you into the FOOTBALL mind of these players in every instance, but it will help you to humanize these sports figures, and get to know them on a slightly higher level.

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