Leftovers: Reed Doughty Edition

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As you all know, when a player is interviewed, not every answer or quote can fit into an article. Below are the leftovers of my latest interview with Redskins safety Reed Doughty, who always is great for quotes and giving honest answers. Reed talks about spending time with Adam Carriker after he moved to Colorado this offseason, the loss of Jarvis Jenkins, his ticket giveaway for the season opener against the New York Giants, and other events he has coming up in the future. Be sure to check out the article here and follow Reed on Twitter @doughty37.

TheHogs.net: Adam Carriker recently moved near you in Colorado and from what I understand you guys worked out together. Did you both build a little bit of a bond over the offseason? What kind of workouts did you guys take part in to better yourselves in time for the season?

Reed Doughty: We didn’t workout together but our families hung out. Adam is a great guy and he works hard. We just do different types of workouts. Our families spent time together, so it was nice having a teammate to hang out with.

THN: Just after you re-signed, Mike Shanahan was quoted as saying: “You want your core football players. Everybody’s not a superstar, but Reed is a guy you can count on in special teams. He can start and he can play either safety position. He’s a student of the game. When he plays, he’s very accountable. He’s the type of guy you have to have to win championships. I like everything about him and he’s going to help us this year.” When your head coach gives you such a ringing endorsement, how does that make you feel?

RD: I am humbled. I appreciate his endorsement and set out to prove him right.

THN: How big of a loss is Jarvis Jenkins with his ACL tear? By all accounts, he was having a fantastic preseason and training camp. Big things were expected of him.

RD: His loss is big. He is a big, young talented guy that could have brought good depth to the d-line. As good teams do, someone will have to step up.

THN: Tell Redskin fans about the ticket contest you’re doing through your SportsBuzz account.

RD: I am giving away two lower level tickets to the Giants game. Follow me and my teammates on www.sportsbuzz.com. Every friend who joins will get you another entry in the drawing. For more info check out my profile on www.sportsbuzz.com.

THN: Do you have any upcoming charity events, or other events, that you’d like to let Redskin fans know about?

RD: I will be doing a couple of events for the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) and the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA). I was the National Honorary Chairman for the HLAA Walk4Hearing that took place in Denver early this year and will be an honorary chairman for the same event held in D.C. in the fall. I was an honorary chairman for the NKF kidney walk in Denver this spring and will continue to be heavily involved in all their programs. Look for me in public service announcements, kidney walks, NKF golf tournaments, the NBC4 Health and Fitness Expo, and much more. Hail!


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