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Tonight will be the last preseason game for both the Washington Redskins and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The fourth game is often a bit of a throw away as coaches often try to get the starters a series or two of action, and then just look at their depth positions. Tonight at Fed Ex Field, there are likely more questions to be answered for both organizations, so expect to see at least a good first half of football.

The Bucs are 2-1 in the preseason so far, and are coming off of a 17-13 victory last week over the Miami Dolphins. The Redskins share that same 2-1 preseason record, but are of course coming off of a 34-31 loss at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens. Here is a look at the, “oh so important” numbers for both squads, and their respective league rankings:


Total Yards Per Game
Bucs 321.0 (15th)
Redskins 402.3 (4th)

Passing Yards Per Game
Bucs 220.3 (13th)
Redskins 250.0 (8th)

Rush Yards Per Game
Bucs 100.7 (23rd)
Redskins 152.3 (1st)


Total Yards Per Game:
Bucs 255.7 (3rd)
Redskins 262.7 (4th)

Passing Yards Per Game
Bucs 153 (2nd)
Redskins 170.7 (5th)

Rush Yards Per Game
Bucs 102.7 (13th)
Redskins 92 (6th)

As you can see from the numbers, both teams have played well so far in preseason. The Redskins are no lower than 8th in any of the above 6 main categories, and are top 5, in 4 of the 6 categories. Unfortunately, stats in the preseason are about as important, as the proverbial mammarian glands on a bovine male.

According to Tampa Bay’s official site, five Bucs to watch are:
QB Rudy Carpenter, WR Arrelious Benn, S Corey Lynch, and WR Preston Parker. Yeah I know, that’s only 4 players, but that’s what they did to me, so I’m doing it to you. The article then went on to name five MORE players to watch, and people to watch while you’re watching those people. So if you’re watching, you should have plenty to watch. I think.

Washington still has a few position battles to sort out tonight, but all eyes in Redskins Nation will once again be focused squarely on the quarterback position. If you are to believe all you are told about the battle between John Beck and Rex Grossman, a decision has yet to be made between the two. But is that true? Is the same thing said to EVERYBODY behind closed doors? Who knows. As it stands, tonight’s game will be the last chance for both players to continue their great preseasons, and make one last claim to the starting job in 2011.

Photo By Jake Russell

As with all preseason games, pray for two things… progress and no injuries.


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