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THN and Brian Mitchell Together At Last

By Mark Solway | September 9th, 2011

I know that you have all been laying awake in bed at night… hoping… waiting… dreaming about a day where you would see your favorite Redskins site (that’s us), get together with Redskin legend Brian Mitchell, to do a fan based show. Well Redskins Nation, today your dreams come true.

Ok, maybe you haven’t been losing sleep over it, or even given it a thought, but that all changes tonight at 8pm my friends.

We are fortunate to have a relationship that goes back a ways with Brian, he has always been good to us – stopped by our message boards to let us know what was going on with him – taken questions from the THN community – things that have greatly endeared him to our little corner of the Redskin world.

We are incredibly honored to have been considered for Brian’s “Tailgate” show that’s starting up tonight. Our own Bobby Johnson will be there to represent THN, and he will be joined by Kevin from Hogs Haven, and @rd421 from sonofwashington.

As if that weren’t enough, they will be joined by Redskins starting fullback Darrel Young – a pretty interesting football player – but I’m sure they’ll get into all that tonight.

There will be a round table type discussion, and some 2-minute drills, and it sounds to me like it’s going to be a barn burner of a show.

Tune in live to at 8pm tonight  and check it out.

I will be.


Note: Everyone on the show tonight can be found on Twitter. Here are their handles: @BMitchlive @TheHogsdotNet @HogsHaven @rd421, and a special mention to @Bmitchliveshow – who is the show’s producer (Matt). Join the conversation – hit us all up on Twitter and join the #RedskinsNation Revolution.

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