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The premier of the Brian Mitchell ‘Tailgate’ show aired tonight and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sure I have a biased opinion because THN was included in the show, but the format and the overall feel has a tangible quality that for me as a fan, was very different; moreover, it was extremely entertaining.

In what can only be described as a refreshing juxtaposition of experience and newness, the inaugural show was unique. The world of sports has evolved to a stage where ‘mere’ bloggers and players interact all of the time. We’ve done shows with players, we’re used to talking to them, and doing interviews, but Brian Mitchell did something very innovative, he put the fan into the opposite seat on the panel.

Instead of one of we proud bloggers trying to do our best impression of Grant Paulsen (hi buddy), and asking the questions of the athlete… Brian turned around and asked the fans the questions. B Mitch is as passionate as they come in the broadcasting game, and it was great to see the same fire and enthusiasm when he was talking to us fans, as when he’s talking to someone from the team. That was on full display, as Redskin fullback Darrel Young was also on the show.

Young really took me off guard. He was a very well spoken young man, but I knew that, having seen him interviewed before. What impressed me was his level of preparation and knowledge. Let’s face it, he was on a show with some fans, and could have easily mailed it in. He didn’t. He came off as a student of the game, and someone that takes his job seriously. It seemed like he took the interview and the show seriously as well. He was loose and comfortable, but thorough with his answers. I think B Mitch was as impressed as I was. I was jacked by his play on the football field already, but I turned into a real big Darrel Young fan tonight.

The eclectic mix of talent, Bobby Johnson from THN, Kevin from Hogs Haven and Ray from Son Of Washington, represented themselves and their sites well. They all answered their questions thoroughly, and certainly were all prepared for the experience. They came off as fans that bled burgundy and gold with pride, and I thought Brian did a nice job of acknowledging the sites, our dedication, and our knowledge of the thing we love most in sports – our Washington Redskins.

Brian’s on to a good thing here in my opinion. The organic feel of the show, is something that I think any Redskin fan will enjoy. You should feel like you’re up there on the panel, because the guys that ARE up there, are the people of Redskins Nation. I commend B Mitch on taking the time to do such a show, and for putting Redskin fans in the thick of the action more than ever before.

Seems like a good place to say thanks to Brian and to the show’s producer Matt for having us on the show. We are honored to have been asked, and we will make ourselves available any time that you ask.

Let’s face it, sitting down with a Redskins legend, and with an exciting young Redskins player, is a pretty formidable way for a Redskin fan to spend a Friday Night.

I’m looking forward to the next show.


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