BMitchLive Tailgate Show 9/9/11

Washington Commanders

So, this past Friday I had the honor and privilege of representing on BMitchLive.TV. You can see the show here.

BMitchLive Tailgate show

I won’t bore you with the minutia that you can see in the show itself, but here are a few highlights and impressions that you wouldn’t see on the show.

1)      The show is filmed at Brian’s house. Now I don’t know about you, but I always picture celebrities and sports superstars living in exotic places with a beach and crazy fountains everywhere. Nope. BMitch lives twenty minutes away from my house. While his house was nice, and pretty big (at least compared to my 1600 sq ft, ¼ acre) it wasn’t ridiculously lavish (at least from the outside). The show is filmed in a studio in the loft over his detached garage. Think “mother-in-law suite” converted to a studio.


He’s got a pretty nice yard, and we actually got to see a young deer wandering through his yard at the tree line. He’s also got a monster, tow-behind grill and I hear that the man makes a killer steak (Brian, if you’re reading this, I make a mean steak myself; cook off?)


2)      Darrel Young; class act. While he said he wouldn’t feel bad about taking Sellers job, he has a lot of love for the big guy who has helped him every step of the way. He understands the realities of football and is thankful for the opportunity. He knows his history of the game and the team. While I may be taller than he is, he’s a pretty big dude. He also runs a 4.5 40-yard dash. Not that I would, but I think if you pissed him off your only option is a quick prayer because you ain’t outrunning him, I don’t care how motivated you are!


3)      What was it like? Imagine you’re sitting around with three buddies drinkin’ beer and you say “hey, we should do our own TV show.” That’s what it felt like. Matt, the show’s producer and Ben, who never really gave a job title, were both pretty laid back. I’m not saying they didn’t take it seriously, but it wasn’t so uptight that you felt unwelcome.


In the end, it really was a show about the Redskins, made by fans, for fans. Bmitch treated me like an equal. There was none of this “don’t look Mr. Mitchell in the eye, don’t try and shake his hand, no autographs” kind of uptightness that you sometimes feel around celebrities. He’s all class and you could easily see yourself watching the game with him and forget that the man still holds the record of 2nd most all-purpose yards of all time behind only Jerry Rice. What you see on his show is real. He doesn’t “turn it on” for the cameras.


I really hope they have me back because I gotta say, it was a great time!


I can’t wrap this up without a shout out to the Redskins! 28-14 over the Giants! Say what you will about their depleted defense but that doesn’t take away from the fact that their offense was still largely intact. The Giants were 1-10 on third downs and it was refreshing seeing our defense still attacking the ball instead of playing prevent late in the game. Is there any better way to cement a victory than with a sack on Eli Manning? I think not!


Bring on Kolb and his Cardinals!


Go ‘Skins!

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3 thoughts on “BMitchLive Tailgate Show 9/9/11

  1. “Is there any better way to cement a victory than with a sack on Eli Manning? I think not!” Well, yes, there is, Bobby… How about sacking Big Ben to cement a Superbowl win?

    ‘sOK, though… that was sweet.

  2. BMitch looks like he has lost some weight.

    Nicely done son!

    KR/WR Brandon Banks had an ok first game. If he duplicates No. 30’s past performances, than we can make some noise this year in our division.

    Big divisional win to boost our confidence.

    Kudos to the defense for their Herculian effort.

    Eli (Baby Huey) was exposed for the mediocre talent that he is. Jason Campbell’s career stats are similar, if not better as the author of this thread has pointed out to me in our football musings.

    Week 2 we turn over the Cards and go 2-0.


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