Crowdsourcing: Beating The Cards

Washington Commanders

With the ever growing collective consciousness in Redskins Nation, I thought it might be fun to do something new, and ask the twitterverse for their thoughts on what was the key to beating the Cardinals this week, and then blog some of the answers.

They were charged with the task of naming one thing, and one thing only, that would be integral for Redskins success on Sunday.

Here are some of the responses:

“Slow down Larry Fitzgerald.”

“Shut down the Kolb to Fitzerald connection.”

“o-line. Running the ball well. Controlling the clock. Again, O-LINE.”

“Getting consistent pressure on Kevin Kolb”

“Win the line battles. On both sides of the ball!”

“good run blocking and a determined Trent Williams”

“Kerrigan sealing off Kolb’s launch point so Orakpo can penetrate the pocket”

“key to the #Redskins winning this sunday is not getting burned on 20+ yard passes”

“we need to get Hightower going early to open the deep ball up. There secondary is SUPER SUSPECT…”

“Gotta be our run game.”

“Stopping the ball from getting from Kolb to Fitzgerald. Not allowing the ball to get to Fitzgerald means he can’t run it. Key.”

“Consistency the entire game…..”

“Run the ball! @Tim_Hightower is ready to show them what he’s got with HIS guys leading the way for him.”

It’s interesting to see that some people see the keys as being something the Redskins limit the Cards from doing, and some people see it as things that the Redskins need to do themselves to make it happen.

There are definitely some astute fans in Redskins Nation. I appreciate them taking the time to tweet their answers, and contribute to this blog.

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