Ooh, Ooh… That Smell

Washington Commanders

Can’t you smell that smell? Ooh, ooh that smell. Familiar with the tune? Well if you’re singing it, stop right there because Lynyrd Skynyrd goes on to talk about that smell being the smell of death, and in Redskins Nation right now, that isn’t the smell we’re smelling. At least it shouldn’t be.

I get that as Redskins fans we have been beat up for years – decades even. I understand as well as anyone that a losing attitude affects all elements of an NFL organization, up to and including it’s fan base; but if you stop for just a second and pay attention…

The winds of change? They are a blowin’. And the new smell that is blowin’ in – it smells like victory.

You don’t have to be an x’s and o’s football guru to recognize that the product that you’re watching on the field each week, has an entirely different flavor Redskin fans. You don’t have to see your team in the Super Bowl, or even the playoffs, to be excited about the most important thing going on in D.C. right now – a winning attitude.

In keeping with the musical theme, I’ll stick to some classic rock roots and cite some Boston, “It’s been such a long time. Yeah, it’s been such a looong time.”

I understand that the win on Sunday was less than perfect. I understand that the win should have been decided long before it was. I understand that the win came at home where you have to win.

The only word that matters in ANY of those sentences is ‘win’.

We… won.

As in, we beat the other team. As in, we re now 2-0. As in, due to the win and an Eagles loss, the Washington Redskins now sit atop the NFC East alone.

Enjoy it. You don’t have to go out and re-mortgage your house to lay a bet on the Redskins winning the Super Bowl, but at least enjoy the fact that the team you love, won their game. For the second week in a row! While a 22-21 victory the Arizona Cardinals may not seem earth shattering – it’s a darn site better than a 22-21 LOSS to the Arizona Cardinals. A win is, as the old sports proverb says, a win. Nobody comes along and takes away style points at the end of the season.

I’m not a homer, I never have been. I try not to be ‘negative nelly’ either. One thing I usually am as it pertains to my beloved Redskins, is accurate. And this team is WORTH pouring your heart and soul into, and supporting again. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be bumps in the road. It doesn’t mean there won’t be heartaches. It doesn’t mean that it will be all peaches and cream; but your team is giving you everything they’ve got right now. Why not do the same? They’re an 8-8 team that could roll to an even better record. That means they’re going to reward you more often than they punish you.

Enjoy the wins. Embrace the change in attitude. Embrace the change in culture.

I know it’s difficult.

If you’re not proud of this team right now,  maybe you’re just not letting yourself be. Years of mediocrity (and worse) will do that to you. It’s time to shake off that losing attitude and follow your team’s lead.

We bleed burgundy and gold.


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