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Washington Commanders

At THN, we’re always trying to do things a little differently, or at least with a touch of our own flavor. So I had an idea a few weeks ago, that I set into motion and will launch today. We’re going to do a cross blog promotion with some new friends and old.

Gone are the days where people would never even dream of mentioning other people’s websites or blogs; it’s a big world out there, and you can reach a lot more people when you help each other, not stifle each other. So I reached out to a few people to see if they would be interested in doing something together, and to my delight, everybody I asked was into it.

So here’s what we’re doing…

I’m going to do a weekly preview article that touches on the game highlights, and things I think you might need to know about that week’s contest. Then I’m going to attach player head-to-head match-ups that have been provided to me by other bloggers/writers. We’ve done articles like this for years at THN, but we always used our own writers to fill in the 1v1’s.

Leading the way will be Grant Paulsen. Grant and I have been friends for years and I was really glad that he agreed to do this and could make the time. Grant is obviously very busy as the beat reporter for 106.7 The Fan, and if you’re a Redskins fan and AREN’T following Grant’s coverage of the team – then you’re really missing out. He offers up-to-the-minute info from his Twitter account @granthpaulsen where you can get information straight from Redskins Park as it is happening. On top of his great coverage – you’ll never meet a better guy; and in all likelihood, you’ll be watching his coverage of the Redskins for the next 20 years.

So who else did we grab?

Well I wanted a diverse group, and I wanted it to be fun, so who better to ask than the guys over at Hogs Haven? These guys take more of a tailgate approach to their coverage of the Redskins, and some of it is a little cheeky. I like that. So do a lot of other Redskin fans. Kevin Ewoldt will be the guy holding down the fort for HH and you can hit the guys up @HogsHaven on Twitter. I go into each weekly match-up not having a clue what kind of craziness will come from Kevin’s pen/keyboard, but I know that it will bleed burgundy and gold.

Rounding out the panel are two of my favorite Twitter peeps. On Twitter there are posers, and then there are broadcasters. There are people that blindly follow what others say, and then there are people that are confident enough in their own opinions to not wait for others to give them one. That’s what I wanted for this piece. That’s what I got in Andre Mitchell and Justin Partlow. You might know them as @MrDCSports and @JTPartlow21 respectively on Twitter, but if you don’t, and you’re on Twitter, you need to give both of them a follow. Dre will talk ANY sport you want and kick your ass at Madden too if you like. Justin mixes bleeding burgundy and gold with eating, sleeping and breathing JMU sports; he’s a student there after all, and an honors student at that.

I think the four guys are going to provide very differing write-ups that share one common thread – knowledge. My thanks to all of them for chipping in and being part of it.

I am working on one last guest writer, but I haven’t quite nailed it down yet. That’ll give you something to look forward to next week.

I hope that Redskins Nation will enjoy the new feature. Look for the first version to be coming at you today between 3 and 4 o’clock.

Hail brothers and sisters!

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Kevin Ewoldt: @HogsHaven
Andre Mitchell: @MrDCSports
Justin Partlow: @JTPartlow21

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