Six Pack: Cowboys

Washington Commanders

Time to dig up an old format of article that THN has been doing since, ohhhh, about 2002. It’s called the Six Pack – just some observations, mixed with maybe some humor, and you guessed it – there’s SIX talking points. Here’s this week’s six pack:

1. Disappointment. I understand the disappointment in Redskins Nation – I shared in it, I lived it, I felt it like everyone else. What I don’t understand is the level of disappointment. How did a team that was expected by the ‘experts’ to win 2 or 3 games, become a Super Bowl contender to Redskin fans on the grounds of two great wins to start the season? That’s just ridiculous. I’ve said it a dozen or more times in my blogs – THIS IS A .500 TEAM. We aren’t there yet. We may win a game over that mark, maybe even two if we can ride a big wave, but WE ARE STILL RE-BUILDING. Deal with it. I’m disappointed – but about ONE loss, not about the prospects for this team, or the progress that we have already made.

2. Landry. Um, maybe this is telling, but his hit on Laurent Robinson made me as hard as Chinese algebra (Trademark – Wingman). You can’t smack a guy any better than LaRon did on that hit. As the kiddies like to say, “It was sick man.” Landry came out with controlled fury, and played well. He looked a little fatigued towards the end, but that’s to be expected after being on the shelf for so long. He didn’t show any signs of rust other than that. I’m embedding a video of the hit, and I suggest that if you play football, and wanna learn how to scare the holy hell out of the receiver that you line up against, study it, and learn to lay the lumber like LaRon did in this highlight.

3. DeAngelo Hall. I’m not going to blame Hall for the 3rd and 21 conversion – when Jim Haslett sends EIGHT on a blitz and doesn’t even try to disguise it – you’re asking for big trouble. I’m not going to get on Hall’s case about the facemask call either, because I think it’s a call that since the rule change, shouldn’t be called. And wouldn’t be called 9 times out of 10. What I do take issue with is his attitude after the game. It’s not the swearing that bothers me – not at all – it’s a passionate game, and it’s happening in real time. You’re going to hear ‘colorful’ language on occasion. What I take exception to, is the lack of ownership. You got beat DeAngelo. Yeah you were left on an island, yeah it’s crazy to expect anyone to cover anyone in that much space, but that’s what happens to number one cornerbacks sometimes. Take your lumps, talk to your coaching staff PRIVATELY about it if you want, but with the media, sit down, and shut the hell up. Didn’t Albert Haynesworth teach you a thing or two about the detriment of a locker room pariah?

4. Shanahan. Not Mike, his son. I haven’t got a clue why the Redskins stopped running the ball completely in the 2nd half. I watched Dallas stack the box, I know there wasn’t much running room, but this is our BREAD AND BUTTER. We can’t abandon the run for any reason other than being down by a couple of touchdowns. But we weren’t down by a couple of touchdowns, we weren’t even down at all; but we called the plays like we were losing. Our offensive line isn’t yet quite good enough, to put them in that sort of Pass Pro pressure. Our offensive line is better at going forward than backwards. When we stopped running the ball, DeMarcus Ware took over and became the dominant force that he can be. Trent Williams actually did well, but you just can’t stop Ware for 60 minutes when he knows you’re throwing and is anticipating snap counts and getting an added step. Terrible second half game plan from Kyle, hopefully there’s a lesson to be learned in last night’s defeat.

5. Gruden and Jaws. Did anyone else know that Jon Gruden, Ron Jaworski and Tony Romo were involved in a menage a trois? Because after watching and listening to the two commentators, I’m sure that they are either intimate, or that they are kin. Pretty sure they aren’t kin, so that only leaves option A. Romo played very well. Romo was tough in there. I’m pretty sure that he still can’t walk on water though, so why the Jesus complex? Could someone please tell these two ‘broadcasters’ that neverending superlatives and hyperbole just makes EVERYTHING they say sound tainted. And Gruden and Jaws put the taint in tainted on Monday night.

6. Rams. Up next on the schedle for the Redskins, is the St. Louis Rams. The truth of the matter is this… the Skins aren’t yet quite good enough to overlook anybody. The Rams are 0-3 and have allowed the most points in the NFC at 96, so they ARE ripe for the picking; but only if we bring our “A” game. No team in the NFL can be overlooked in a league of parity. Things can go bad in a hurry too, so the Redskins need to win the next one. But not because they have to ‘keep their playoff hopes alive’ – because the Rams are a beatable team – and if you want to develop a truly winning attitude, then you have to win the games that you should. The Redskins should beat St. Louis if they can find the form they showed in the first two games. Out of adversity comes character, I think the 2011 Redskins team actually has plenty of character and will respond with a big effort this Sunday. Get behind them Redskins Nation, and don’t let this Dallas loss make you stand in front of them.

Chins up Redskins Nation – we live to fight another day.

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