Crowdsourcing: Stopping The Rams

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This type of blog seemed to go over well last time, so I’m going to keep doing it. I send out a tweet for some crowdsourced information, and I put the #RedskinsNation’s thoughts into a blog.

Here’s this week’s topic…

Fill in the blank – the toughest part of this week’s game against the Rams, will be _____.

… and some of the responses:

“… the toughest part about this weeks Rams game will be stopping their run game…A healthy Jackson can present problems”

“Stopping Steven Jackson/ limiting play action opportunities for Bradford”

“… stopping the run but hey we got the greatest linebacker crew in the league!!!”

“…if Steven Jackson starts and plays the whole game.”

So the overwhelming concensus of tweeps think that stopping Jackson is integral this week! I think they’re right, stop their running game, and you’re halfway there. We have to run the ball well ourselves.

Here are some other great tweeps’ contributions:

“…defending vs. Sam Bradford”

“… getting my hopes up…lol”

“… for Rex’s tiny doll like hands to not fumble the ball when we need to score 7!!! Grrrrrrrr”

If you want to see your name in lights here, then follow me on Twitter @TheHogsdotNet and keep an eye out for the crowdsourcing request tweets. Thanks to everyone for their contributions. Each name is linked to the actual tweet that is quoted. If you are on Twitter and you aren’t following these fans, and you’re a Redskins fan, fix that immediately!

Hail brothers and sisters!

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1 thought on “Crowdsourcing: Stopping The Rams

  1. I don’t have a Twitter account. Tweetie bird says open up the playbook, and attack the weak secondary in St. Louis. The Skins’ r 0-3 in their last three dome games. Rectify this boo trend by playing to win. Expose the Rams as the Ravens did the previous week. Run to set up the pass. Hightower rushes for 90 yards plus, and Rexy throws for 200 and 2 scores. 1 INT. Final Score 28-13. 3-1 and ready after the bye to Pick off Vick.

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