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Putting Out A Fire

By Mark Solway | October 4th, 2011

So there is a link circulating around the interwebs today about a possible trade rumor for Ryan Torain.

Seriously? And people are buying it? Just because some guy sits at home dreaming up cockamamie ideas, doesn’t make them worth listening to, does it?

Let’s look at some facts surrounding the incident:

1) The guy who posted the rumor, posts about once a month and also has Carson Palmer being traded to the Redskins. Awesome.
2) The post was made BEFORE the Rams game, when Torain went from an inactive player, to the likely starter in the Redskins’ next game (and until he stops being effective or gets hurt).
3) Why would Shanny want a low round draft pick next year, for a guy that can shoulder a starter’s load this year?
4) Shanahan would do what with the low round pick? Try find another Ryan Torain?
5) Perhaps the most compelling argument that this rumor is total horse puckey: Vinny doesn’t work here anymore.

One more thing that I would normally include in the above five bullets – no quotes. No quotes from team officials, no quotes from unanimous sources – no nothing! I understand that Trade rumors aren’t always common knowledge beforehand and that quotes are harder to come by, but there’s NOTHING TO SEE HERE! I might as well just make the following blog entry:

Tom Brady to Skins for a Bag of Footballs, a sixth round pick, and Dan Snyder’s 6 Flags stock.

This same poster has now made two of another list’s 10 guys into ‘possible trade rumors’. Here’s the list he’s going off of.

The above link is just as bad in that it has no bases in fact, but at least it wasn’t drilling anything down to any one team’s interest. It’s just a list of potential trade prospects – one that ignores cap implications COMPLETELY – so not even a very good one.

If you ignore almost all of the above, and still want to play along…

I understand that UNTIL Sunday, Torain was a sexy name to float out there in trade rumors. He wasn’t playing – he wasn’t contributing in any way – he wasn’t an asset to the team.

That all changed on Sunday though, didn’t it? Torain moved out of the outhouse, and into the penthouse.

I fully admit that you could maybe MAKE a case for the trade before the weekend’s game, because Torain was riding the pine. But he isn’t anymore. And he was ALWAYS worth more than a late round draft pick  to a team desperate enough to try and find a running back solution 4 games into an existing NFL season.

Put your thinking caps on – ask yourself if there’s ANY merit to this particular rumor.

If your answer is still yes, I feel bad for you. You’re not cut out for the modern era of sensationalistic sports journalism – and you’re going to be wrong, a lot of the time.

Listen. Read. Think. Communicate.

Don’t let boredom induced rumors get the best of you during the bye week #Redskins Nation.


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