Crowdsourcing: Containing Newton’s Effectiveness

Washington Commanders

Occasionally, I like ot hit the Twitterverse and just ask people for their opinions on something, and then put the answers of #RedskinsNation right here in this blog. So yesterday’s crowdsourcing question was:

What is the single biggest key to containing Cam Newton’s effectiveness on Sunday?

Thanks to those who participated. Here are some of the answers:

@Shipe_Shipe: Our OLB staying on the edge and not allowing him to get outside the pocket. If we keep him in the interior we have a chance

@banks211: you got to keep him in the pocket and make him go through his reads #HTTR

@anthonyfkellyii: Shut down Steve Smith

@shaqnosis1: exotic blitzes/coverages he’s never seen and sure tackling

@COSkins: Gotta slow down Steve Smith.

@Robataille: Tackling Cam Newton before he buys enough time to let Steve Smith expose D-Hall.

@MDSkinsFan: They need to watch those blitzes. That is how they are gonna get us.

@CtownManly: Don’t let the Panthers’ receivers get behind the coverage AND keep contain on Cam.

@Original_TomTom: well in my opinion its a 2 part key. part one is orakpo and part two is kerrigan

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