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Special THN Tie-In On the B-Mitch Show Tonight

By Mark Solway | October 28th, 2011

Just a heads up to the THN community and Redskins Nation that I will be on the Brian Mitchell Tailgate Show tonight at 7pm on It is a very special panel for tonight’s show, as the crew of the show asked me to round up the guys that chip in, and help me put out the Game Day Preview article every week.

As if it’s not enough of an honor to be on the show, to be on the show based on the quality of a piece of Redskins content that comes from this site, is high praise indeed.

I will be joined on the show by Andre Mitchell (@MrDCSports), Kevin Ewoldt (@HogsHaven), and Emmanual Benton (@Roccoskins), and we will talk with Brian about this week’s upcoming match-up against the Buffalo Bills. At the time of posting this, I had no word on whether or not there would be a Redskins player on the panel tonight as well, but keep checking back throughout the day, and I will update this blog if anyone confirms that they’re going to be on the show tonight.

The article that we put out each week, is a cross-promotional blog that I set up with some other Redskins bloggers. The gist is that I write a game day preview article to go along with the other guys’ individual player match-ups that they each do, and then we roll it into one big (hopefully) comprehensive game day primer for Redskins fans. The guys are doing a great job with the individual match-ups, and it has quickly evolved into a very valuable resource for Redskin fans to look for every week. Here are some links to the Game Day Previews that we have posted so far this season, please check them out and let us know what you think:

Game Day Preview: Panthers

Game Day Preview: Eagles

Game Day Preview: Rams

Game Day Preview: Cowboys

The game is being played on my home soil up in Canada, pretty exciting eh? Hopefully I can provide a little bit of insight about Canada (and the Redskins), and chip in to help make B-Mitch’s Tailgate Show tonight, another great show for Redskins fans.

You can catch it at at 7pm. So grab yourself a beer and some pretzels after dinner, punch in the url into your laptop or phone, and watch a bunch of Redskin fans hang out with Redskin legend Brian Mitchell, and talk Redskins football in the Tailgate Mancave.


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