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The following are a list of the pertinent numbers and statistics from the Washington Redskins 19-11 defeat, at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. It was the Redskins 4th consecutive loss, and dropped them to 3-5.

254 – Yards passing for John Beck on a 30/47 day. The numbers don’t sound bad, but 72 of those yards came on the Redskins late touchdown drive. Beck did well on that drive, but it’s worth noting that it was against a prevent defense. Other than what came in garbage time, Beck struggled again. He did manage to only get sacked once – a drastic improvement from the 10 he ate the week before against Buffalo.

200 – Yards passing for Alex Smith on a crisp 17/24 day. While the numbers aren’t large, Smith was steady in the pocket, was accurate, and finished with a 109.7 Quarterback Rating.

107 – Yards rushing for Frank Gore. Despite going over 100 yards for the fifth consecutive game, a franchise record, and rushing for basically his season average of 5.6 yards, the Redskins defense actually did a decent job bottling up Gore. He was effective, but wasn’t the game breaker.

59 – Yard field goal from Graham Gano. It was not only the longest field goal of Gano’s career, but the longest in Redskins history. Considering it was against the wind, and it was the 10th longest field goal in NFL history, perhaps it’s time to stop calling Gano, ‘Bat Guano’. He’s earned it. After the game, Gano said that he didn’t think he’d got all of it, so he may even have a bigger one in that leg!

48.8 – Yard average, for Sav Rocca punts. It’s an unfortunate fact for the Redskins, that their punter is arguably their most valuable player through the first half of the season.

41 – Yards rushing for Roy Helu. It wasn’t a big day on the ground, but see below (14) for more info on Helu. He averaged 4.1 yards per carry, and his longest was 16.

34 – Yards receiving for Leonard Hankerson, on 4 receptions. Don’t let the numbers fool you, Hankerson was open a lot and very impressive in his first game as a starter. Beck missed some opportunities or ‘Hank Time’ would have had a big day. Expect bigger and bigger things from the rookie out of Miami.

14 – Receptions for Roy Helu (105 yards) in his first game as the featured running back. Not only was it an exceptional performance, it was the most receptions ever for a Redskin; more than Art Monk or Gary Clark or Charlie Brown etc. After the game, some fans seemed to want to take some of the credit away because of the short ‘dink and dunk’ nature of many of his catches, but there’s nothing to take away – Helu proved that he’s going to be a valuable part of the Redskins’ offense for years to come.

2- Fumbles for return man Brandon Banks. He managed to recover them both, though one was through nothing but good fortune. He also made a terrible decision to field a punt at the 5, and continues to struggle to make any kind of mark this season.

0 – Wins in their last four games.

The Redskins are on the ropes and need to bounce back with a big performance against the Miami Dolphins this week.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Mark Solway

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