Special Edition B-Mitch Show: Tribute to Sean Taylor

Washington Commanders

Hopefully you’ve all been tuning in to Brian Mitchell’s Tailgate Show on Friday nights at 7pm on Bmitchlive.com, but if you haven’t, then tonight would be a great night to change that.

Tonight the show will be honoring, and remembering, the late, great Sean Taylor. As we come up on the fourth anniversary of that terrible day, the show will feature special audio of interviews with LaRon Landry, London Fletcher, Lorenzo Alexander, and Santana Moss; with their thoughts on “4-Years Later.”

Alexander will also be calling into the show to share some ST memories with Brian and Redskins Nation, as well as Big Mike Sellers.

In will be calling in on Skype, along with Andre Mitchell (@MrDCSports), Emmanual Benton (@Roccoskins) and Frank Kelly (@FrankCal20), to give some fan memories of Sean Taylor, and maybe field the odd Cowboy question or two as well.

It should be a great show, one that will undoubtedly stir up a lot of emotion, but one that is not to be missed.

Hit me up on Twitter @TheHogsdotNet if you have any questions, or if you just wanna relay an ST memory or two. Check out our special tribute to Sean on the site too, where there are some great pictures that capture the true essence of ST at training camp, as well as probably the most downloaded Redskins wallpaper on the internet, Scott Peek’s great tribute to Sean.

Gone But Not Forgotten.

RIP Sean Taylor.

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