Cowboys Parody Song

Washington Commanders

You know, as a diehard Redskins fan, sometimes Monday and Tuesdays can be pretty gloomy. About the only thing that can brighten my mood is when the hated Dallas Cowboys have given their fanbase as little to cheer about that week.

If you missed the Cowboys game this week, in a move of inexplicable incompetence, Coach Jason Garrett called a timeout just before HIS OWN kicker Dan Bailey, kicked a game-winning 49-yard field goal. The kick came back, and on try number two, the Cowboys missed… and then went on to lose the game in overtime, 19-13 to the Arizona Cardinals. Considering the Cowboys dropped to 7-5, and the New York Giants sit at 6-6, it could prove to be a mistake that has playoff implications.

Absolute gold to a Redskins fan in mourning.

So when I got a parody song from Cowboy Jeff today about the incident, I couldn’t wait to post it. So without further ado, I present to you Cowboy Jeff’s, “Don’t Ice, Ice Bailey.”

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