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Things Looking Up?

By Mike Keys | December 13th, 2011

What the heck? I’m excited about the performance of my team in the first preseason game of the year? I must be nuts! Well… maybe not. Look things happened in the Friday Preseason game against the Steelers that cannot be attributed to “luck”. 3 penalties… one, a roughing the QB called on Kerrigan (it was one of those “the league says we have to call this cheap penalty so nobody breaks our quarterback” penalties).

But, the outstanding factoid was NO FALSE STARTS called on the O-line, which, oh by the way, was running at mid-season efficiency and discipline.  Sure, you can say all you want about vanilla D line play by the Steelers, it still follows… that is one of the most effective defensive front 7’s in the league, even with their early substitutions. You also have to be highly impressed with the play of OUR defensive front 7.  They were everywhere, even with the same vanilla philosophy used by the Steelers…

I’m also going to note, that, despite the hand wringing about the new kick-off rules, this may well prove to be a strength of the Redskins.  Gano consistently put the ball through the end zone (anybody else out there want to see him try a 65 yard fg?).  On the other hand, most kickers on other teams will not be so consistent in their ability to drive the ball.  If Brandon Banks makes this team (he certainly made a strong case last night), he will not hesitate to bring the ball out, meaning many opportunities for big returns.  I think we need to see this play out..

I fear that, at the moment… I’m suffering from an optimistic outlook.  It’s an unusual feeling. Don’t tell anybody, but I kind of like it.


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2 Responses to “Things Looking Up?”

  1. All those line additions really paid off. Give Shanny some credit for doing it the right way this year. Royster looks like he belongs in the league. He won’t outrun anybody for a 90 yard gain, but watch him move the chains and give the starter some rest. There are a lot of young wide receivers that are just not going to make this team. Seems like some draft picks were waisted there. Remember we played this game without our safeties.
    The Steelers wideouts have scary speed and we got lucky they did not connect on two big chances. If Horton could tackle they would have never made it into the end zone though.

  2. Understand the guarded nature of your optimism Mike – feel the same way; but I agree that there was reason to feel good about the direction we’re heading. I won’t tell anybody though, promise.