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Another Cowboys Parody Song

By Mark Solway | December 16th, 2011

Cowboy Jeff is in rare form, as I received yet another parody song from him. My apologies to Jeff for not getting a link posted to it until now.

This one is dedicated to that ugly red-headed stepchild that mans the Cowboys sidelines these days – Jason Garrett – and is called Jerry’s Girl. It is to the tune of another 80’s “classic” Jesse’s Girl by Rick Springfield.

Misery love company – so I’m enjoying seeing the Cowboys Nation suffer as much as Redskins Nation is in 2011, despite a better record.

“Jerry has a bitch.
A red-headed puppet on the Cowboys sidelines.
Since Parcells left, Jerry’s back in control,
Now we stink worse than Rob Ryan sitting on the bowl.”


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Thanks again to Cowboy Jeff for thinking of me and dropping me a line. Follow me on Twitter @TheHogsdotNet and let me know what you thought.

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