A Fan's One and Done…

Washington Commanders

Rant, that is…
A’ight…  Haven’t the last 5 years been torment enough? 

I am a diehard skins fan… I say this to preface the following.

I was weaned on the football as played by the DC teams of George Allen.
I have grown old believing one truth of Redskins football. A good season is one in which you beat Dallas twice. A great season is one in which you beat them three times, as has happened once that I can recall.

Loosing to a team composed of Bozo the Clown and his Insane Clown Posse does not have a place in this formula. I acknowledge that this team still has a way to go before it can claim greatness… but I cannot accept losing to the pathetic bunch that the evil empire imposed on the National Football League last night. Worse, the fraudulent performance of the Redskins against this group of Stooges will only launch a media love fest of incestuous proportions with Romo.  What can be more disgusting?

True, the stink that wafted from the field can find blame pretty much across the board.   There was untimely disfunction everywhere… the equipment guys share as much of the blame for this performance as Kyle Shanahan, who once again didn’t trust his game plan, Jim Haslett, who forgot that when you are at 3rd and 21, it’s a good idea to keep the free safety back… way back… Sav Rocca, whom left his hands in DC, and Deangelo “are you kidding me?” Hall… who clearly has no business on an island, and who has even less business talking trash before the “big game”.

Wow.  OK, I can move on.

Now, go to St Louis and make THEM pay…


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