RGIII To Declare; How much Would You Pay?

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Let The Love-fest Begin.

Word is that Robert Griffin III will indeed apply for eligibility for this year’s draft. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen tweeted ‘as per family source’ that Griffin would be informing Baylor head coach Art Briles today, that he was going to ‘turn pro.’ And so the mayhem starts.

As a Redskins fan, how much do you want to see RGIII in the B&G? Kind of has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?

What would you give up to get him? The Redskins will choose sixth, but in order to ensure that you could get Griffin in a pre-draft move – Washington would have to move up to at least number two to be guaranteed that they would get the young quarterback; otherwise, somebody else could jump up into that spot.

The Redskins have the sixth overall pick in the draft, so they would be moving up just four spots.

Well you could look at one of those trusty old draft value charts (link at bottom of blog) – they may not be ‘accurate’ but they will certainly give you a starting point – but you can count on the right to move up and grab RGIII being expensive, more expensive than the usual jump might normally be. The draft value chart says that the Rams number two pick is worth 2600 points. The Redskins number six pick is worth 1600 points. So that’s a difference of 1000 points.

Typically 1000 points would net the Rams at least an extra 1st rounder, as you can see on the chart that the 16th overall pick is worth 1000 points. Then there’s the discussion on what next year’s picks are worth as it relates to the chart, and obviously teams don’t have the luxury of knowing exactly where in the round their trade partner will pick. Typically, if a team needed to throw in a third round pick this year, they’d have to make it a second round pick next year. So the Redskins will have to give up at least next year’s first round pick, and they will probably have to sweeten the deal considerably from that – perhaps this year’s first and second, as well as next year’s first, and a mid-to-late round pick on top of that.

The crazy thing is, if the Rams don’t pick RGIII or trade to someone who does, the third pick goes down to 2200 points. That’s only 600 points away from the Redskins 1600 points. The Redskins second round pick would be worth 520 points – so now we’re getting really close in ‘value.’ That would put the Redskins just 80 points away – about the value of a mid-fourth round pick.

So the long and short of all that is that the Redskins have to move up to number two to get RGIII, they’d be giving up two firsts and a second minimum, whereas if they wait just one slot more – they could actually conceivably pick him up for a first, second and fourth this year, and be done. It would likely take a little more, like this year’s first and second, and next year’s third, but you get the idea. The cost to moving up goes down considerably if RGIII is there at number III.

What’s your bottom line? How much would you give up? Do you even like RGIII as the future of the Redskins franchise?

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Draft Value Chart – http://www.the-hogs.net/blogs/2010/01/29/trade-value-chart/

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13 thoughts on “RGIII To Declare; How much Would You Pay?

  1. Nice sentiment, but not sure it gives the Redskins a better shot at RGIII. So that’s two firsts, a second, a third next year, and a left testicle.

    Somebody wanna toss in a right so that we have a full set?

  2. Brace yourselves, Redskins Nation… Take a deep breath… This is Shanahan. The conjurer of running backs. The man who convinced Joe Gibbs to part with Carlos Rogers AND a draft pick for Clinton Portis… who was, indeed a stud at the time.
    The Rams steady-as-a-rock, beast running back Steven Jackson is showing wear and tear.
    Shanahan is known to create value from RB Gems from later rounds… and he did it again this year.
    Don’t be surprised to see part of that 1000 point difference reduced by one Roy Helu.
    Ahhh… I hate it… but, you don’t always get everything you want. If MS wants RGIII, that’s probably a part of the price.

  3. Ill throw in the right! I think swapping our first this year a first next year (won’t be a top ten I’m praying 32nd overall) and a third or fourth this year (What round do we have 2 picks?) should be sweet enough for the rams to bite…
    There’s always a chance we trade Cooley? Or maybe hightower or someone who could keep us some pics but not hurt us. As much as I love captain chaos I can see us using him for trade bait w big Fred and Logan proving to be a good one and two @ TE. Pretty much would LOVE to see RGIII in the B&G at any price! We haven’t had a franchise qb in my lifetime so I’d say its worth the gamble. HTTR!

  4. what concerns me is Cleveland and it’s two first round picks this year. Much better deal for a new Rams coach to get two first rounders in his first season, and to still have a shot at Blackmon or Khalil at pick 4. Hoping that maybe Cleveland goes after Flynn instead…

  5. McCoy is a good QB they need a lot more then qb at this point. Oline and WR might be higher on there charts vs trading away both their first rounders and sucking it up for another season. I hope.

  6. we paid albert haynesworth a 41 million dollar roster bonus he neither scored or prevented a td in his skins tenure so how much should a heisman winning qb worth? plenty but i doubt we pick him up shanahan’s ego is as big as fed ex field he is still living in his glory days of winning two super bowls but he over looks the fact that that happen in denver not dc. if the nfl stands for not for long how much longer do we deal with this so called decent coach. RG 3 is worth us moving up in the draft but justin blackmon should be our target because RG 3 wont be there come the 6th pick he will follow next years bust andrew unlucky how can you be the number one pick and your not even the number one qb in colllege. And after he released clinton portis shanahan passed on heisman winner mark ingram. Our fans are more in tune with what we need than our coach and believe it or not most of them have a better football IQ than shanhan or his son. Im starting to believe John Elway is the only reason he has those two rings. the better question how much will it take to get John Gruden in B&G and who is available to show the shanahan family the most direct route outta dc

  7. I must admit, I haven’t studied a lot of Baylor film….Who here has? Yes, he looks great on ESPN, so do lots and lots of guys. Ryan Leaf and JaMarcus Russell sure did. Maybe he does become the star that everyone thinks. Or maybe the Redskins should go after a guy like Matt Flynn. He’s unrestricted, so we keep ALL the draft picks we desperately need. He’s been in the league already, knows how to behave and conduct himself as a professional athlete. He has learned from NFL coaches in an NFL system for a couple years already. Might be a less risky and less costly option to consider. Forgive me for raining on the parade here, but this team can ill afford to be throwing away lots of draft picks. Nobody thought about Griffin before 2 months ago as being a big time NFL QB, and now ESPN has decided he’s the guy yyou all should be falling all over yourselves to get……And they could be right, but if they’re jumping too quickly, we set up another decade of misery.

  8. “This is Shanahan. The conjurer of running backs. The man who convinced Joe Gibbs to part with Carlos Rogers AND a draft pick for Clinton Portis… who was, indeed a stud at the time.”

    Ummm I believe it was Champ not Carlos. I’d wait and see what happens with the Rams rather than give up the farm right off the bat. Sorry but testicles aren’t a good commodity to trade. They’re only good to the person who owns them outright. Cleveland holding TWO 1st round picks and having Colt McCoy will be looking to stockpile talent (and they need it) so moving into their slot with out 6th pick will be more inticing.

  9. Lenny and NWC pointed out what was a brain fart in my response… thanks… but, you both know whom I meant… the point stands. We did let Rogers walk… but, like Champ, he was leaving, period. It’s not likely that he’d have gotten his eyes checked had he stayed…

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