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Football may be over for the Washington Redskins in the 2011 season, but there is still lots of news and lots going on at Redskins Park this week. Here are some of the highlights:

Fletcher to Pro Bowl

London Fletcher was added to the Pro Bowl this week. Does that mean that we stop bitching about how crappy the Pro Bowl and it’s selection process is?

No way that Fletcher should have to be ‘added’ – he should have been there in the first place. He led the league in tackles (166) for crying out loud. Sure it’s great to see ‘a wrong righted,’ but it doesn’t change the farcical nature of that NFL game in Hawaii. I digress, it also doesn’t take away from the accomplishment of a 36-year old man performing well enough to be ‘added’ to the Pro Bowl roster again in 2012. Congratulations London.

Fletcher is a free agent this offseason. Retaining the 36-year old linebacker, is arguably the team’s biggest offseason need. You won’t likely ever hear that sentence again in your life. The man defies explanation, and hopefully will continue to do so for the Washington Redskins in 2012.

Redskins Coaches at the Senior Bowl

It was announced this week that the Washington Redskins coaching staff will man the sidelines for this year’s Senior Bowl. To be honest, I think far too much is made of what some of these players do AFTER they’ve ever played their ‘regular football.’ All-star games like the Senior Bowl, coupled with the Scouting Combine have made what players do in the month or two following what has sometimes been a four-year college career, far too weighted on draft day sometimes.

Regardless, it will be a fantastic opportunity for Mike Shanahan to get a closer look at a couple of players; unfortunately, Ryan Tannehill won’t be one of them – he’s skipping the game with an injury. Still, it will be a good opportunity to ‘try out’ a couple of the nation’s finest young football players before draft day.

Raheem Morris In or Out?

The Redskins also announced that they have tentatively agreed to hire newly fired Bucs coach Raheem Morris. The deal is tentative because Morris is still interviewing with other teams, and while the Redskins hired him to be the Defensive Backs coach – if Morris gets a gig as a defensive cooordinator somewhere (like Minnesota), then the deal with the Skins is dead. It’s too early to bark about how great this coaching addition is – let’s wait and see if it sticks first.

On Their Way Out…

The Redskins also announced that the services of wide receivers coach Keenean McCardell and Safeties coach Steve Jackson, would no longer be required. McCardell had only been coaching since 2010 – when he retired from playing, but Jackson has been with the Redskins since 2004! Somehow he made it through coaching changes, and system changes, but word is that DC Jim Haslett wasn’t happy with his defensive secondary and that changes are imminent. Jackson would appear to be a casualty of that change.

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2 thoughts on “Redskins News and Notes

  1. secondary certainly was a weak point in the defense this year. Was it scheme and coaching, or players? Then again isn’t said coach supposed to make sure players perform? I have said it 1000X, should have kept Rogers………Thanks for letting me get that off my chest…

  2. I hear this all the time, “Should have kept Rogers.” How? He didn’t WANT to stay. He was walking out the door before he even left. People want the Carlos Rogers that showed up in San Fran – not the one that played in Washington – not the one who wouldn’t even go get fricking conact lenses so that he’d be ABLE TO CATCH A BALL.

    His attitude had turned to poison – something this organization DEFINITELY needed to get rid of in leaps and bounds. Sure he’s played well in San Fran – but I don’t know how people make the leap of faith that he would have played AS well in D.C. Just not a ‘gimme’ as far as I’m concerned. He wanted to leave – and he left. Period.

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