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Kudo Awards: Will Montgomery

By Mark Solway | January 16th, 2012

If you’d have told me at the end of 2010, that I’d be giving Will Montgomery a Kudo Award at the end fo 2011 – I would have probably told you that you were mad. And yet here we are.

Montgomery may be the most improved player on the Redskins roster in my humble opinion; he is certainly the only player that I used to consider a liability, that I now consider a growing asset. He and Chris Chester were the only two offensive linemen to start all 16 games for the Redskins. Montgomery briefly moved over to left guard when Trent Williams went out injured at tackle (yes I know that sounds crazy – but that’s what the Redskins did). He didn’t fare as well there, but perhaps a more accurate assessment would be that the Redskins OL didn’t do nearly as well when Monty wasn’t playing Center.

There aren’t statistics that you can use to really gauge an offensive lineman’s performance, but I run a site called – I watch the offensive line A LOT. As a matter of fact, when I watch a game through the second time, I often concentrate almost exclusively on line play. Montgomery had a good season.

There is more than just the physical aspect of playing center, though Montgomery DID play very well physically, he may have captained that OL even better. There were games down the stretch where the line was so patched together that it actually looked like if a 350 pound guy fell over the railing in the front row – the Redskins would slap a uniform on him and trot him out there.

Amazingly – the line still played with surprising effectiveness. They paved the way for Roy Helu and Evan Royster to post some big numbers down the stretch. Some of that credit goes to the coaching, but some of that credit should also go to the guy in the middle of the line that is evaluating the defense that the Redskins are facing on each and every play. I think Montgomery was terrific in that regard and little is ever made of it.

I also don’t remember ANY bad exchanges between the center and the quarterback. Ever watched the Cowboys play? It seems like a crap shoot some games, every time Tony Romo is in the shotgun.

Consistently solid – that was Will Montgomery in 2011.

He may not make a Pro Bowl in the near future, but center is one of the few OL positions I’m happy with going into the offseason, and Monty gets a Kudo.

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One Response to “Kudo Awards: Will Montgomery”

  1. Well said! Montgomery was certainly not on my radar until he became the starter, as a matter of fact when Casey Rabach was out hurt the line fell to pieces it seemed. Now, this guy looks like a developing big time center. Also I felt like Willie Smith did well learning the pro game as he got some playing time in place of Trent Williams. Chester’s solid. It seems clear to me however, the Redskins need a right tackle, a draft pick who can come in and start day 1. Maurice Hurt seemed to get better with experience, but if Kory L can come back it makes a big difference. Oh, in case Montgomery gets injured, Erik Cook is not the guy…….not at all…. But boy oh boy with Kyle’s growth as a play caller (RUNNING GAME) and the improvement I see on this line, we can have a lot to look forward to next year- I do believe in Helu and Royster and this offense, when we focus on the run. 1st priorities this off season- a QB and a RT. Those two moves alone will make this team a contender. Add a few more pieces, get the guys back to good health, this team will be good next year. I’m feeling it!! HAIL