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By Mark Solway | February 8th, 2012

If you’re a Redskins fan, you’re painfully aware that the Washington Redskins are looking for a quarterback solution for 2012. If you’re a ‘plugged in’ Redskins fan – you’re already probably sick of hearing about it.

The ink hasn’t even dried on the 2011 NFL season yet, and the Redskins interest in every quarterback with ‘moderately available’ attached to their name, seems to be being discussed.

It’s tough to sort through all of the rhetoric and posturing.

If you want to be a diligent fan and follow along though, word on Super Bowl Sunday was that, the Redskins were interested in Peyton Manning and Kyle Orton, but they’re not that interested in Matt Flynn.

But why do I feel like I’m suddenly the Man in Black talking to Vizzini in the middle of Princess Bride?

If the Redskins are posturing that they’re interested in Manning, and Orton… but not Flynn, then surely they are interested in Flynn.

But knowing that people would hypothesize such, the Redskins are obviously actually interested in Manning and Orton, and counting on the mis-misdirection to keep people at bay.

“I know where the poison is!”

Like in Princess Bride, and the scene with The Man in Black and Vizzini – it doesn’t matter how much of the puzzle is put before you – the truth lies somewhere else. Much of the ado is about nothing.

Will Peyton Manning or Kyle Orton be quarterbacking the Washington Redskins in 2012?


Will RGIII somehow find his way to D.C. through a miraculous draft day trade?


Heck, Plaxico Burress thinks that Drew Brees is going to be the Redskins’ quarterback in 2012. There is apparently no limits to the lunacy.

The only thing that is absolutely sure bout the Redskins quarterback situation is this – it will be discussed ad nauseum between now and the NFL Draft – and you will be sick and tired of hearing about it.

That kind of desensitization is always necessary in a good brain-washing.


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3 Responses to “QB Watch”

  1. Sonny and Billy are still available.

  2. You are so right.We as a fan nation know the skins are actively looking for a QB,thats apparent.I will be so glade when all the smoke screens are gone and we have a QB.As far as Im concern,I dont think buress knows what hes is talking about,tell him toquit smoking that stuff,its bad for your health,lol.If and thats a big IF,manning comes to DC,then we need to beef up that oline.Ive been saying all along,we need to get back to what made us the hogs.Theres some receivers,like that one from SanDiego,thats probully be released.but,you say its not a good idea to rebuild a team with FA.Then the next option is to go to the draft and pick some oline help if and thats if manning comes to DC.We need to resign fletcher,hes our lewis on defense.The skins did a ,I think a great job lastyr in the draft withe picks they had,now,lets do the same thing on our oline.For ever HTTR

  3. i thinck what ever QB that can get us to the super bowle and can beat the cowboys i will be happy