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Fred Davis Parody Headlines

By Mark Solway | February 20th, 2012

As of today, NFL teams can use their franchise tags, so Redskins Nation looks on in anticipation to see if the Washington Redskins use their tag, and if so, who will they use it on?

While Laron Landry and London Fletcher are both potential franchise tag candidates, it’s probable that the Redskins will use their tag on tight end Fred Davis. After a monster breakout season, that came crashing to a halt when he tested positive for (expected) marijuana use – the franchise tag is an excellent option for Washington as it allows them to sign Davis to a short term deal.

Which in turn allows them a shorter leash.

Knowing that Davis will likely be franchise tagged, I couldn’t help but take to Twitter and have some fun with potential Fred Davis parody headlines; so I started the hashtag #topFredDavisHeadlines for shiggles. It seems like this is also a great opportnity to see how the new Twitter embed feature works within WordPress. So here are some of my tweets this morning:

This one seemed to be the most popular:

Believe it or not, there were more. Just hit my timeline, or click on one of the #topFredDavisHeadlines hashtag to see a running list.

Inevitably, my tweeps got in on the act and shared in my juvenile behavior. Gotta love it!

Hit me up on Twitter and tell me what a heathen I am… or participate in the fun. Make sure you include the hashtag and @ me if you do!

Help me pick which one to use when Freddie gets tendered!!

By the way, the new Twitter embed feature, in conjunction with the Twitter Embed plugin is awesome!!!

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