Landry Pic Real?

Washington Commanders

So did you see this yet?

Well since MrMuscles30 was shown in this pic, there has been much Twitter talk as to it’s authenticity, or if it is Photoshop enhanced.

Pretty sure it isn’t Photoshop enhanced – doesn’t look like it anyway, although there is an odd quality to the photo – the dude is just built like a brick-you-know-what and gets bigger every day. (I can sympathize. People see my muscles and think I’m Photoshopped all the time.)

Will Landry be a Redskin next year?

The Redskins don’t care about his muscles – they only care about his tendons:

Achilles Tendon


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4 thoughts on “Landry Pic Real?

  1. Will he be a Redskin?

    I’m still on the Laron bus… I want him here. If he is healthy, he’s having a monster season. It will be like having a third ILB on the field when he’s playing in the box.

  2. Really? I’d settle for the Redskins playing with two ACTUAL safeties. We already play a 3-4, we don’t need a fifth linebacker – not when our secondary was our biggest area of weakness on an otherwise good defense last season.

    If he wants to try out at linebacker, that’s fine; otherwise, I want to see my strong safety doing more than just making an occasional play in the box.

  3. The picture is “fake” b/c in the other picture he took, he has a “big” tatoo on the same right arm! How “no1” caught that is surprising to me!

  4. Hey Big Nard – he took the pic himself in the other picture he posted. So the image is mirrored on a self-capture and the tattoo would be on his left in the other pic. His left arm isn’t viewable in the pic I posted – so that really doesn’t prove anything.

    Besides – does he look any smaller in the other pic than he does in this one? Not in my opinion.

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