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Well it’s already all over the internet and I never posted it anywhere but on Facebook and as my Twitter icon – but since people want to pillage it and crop off a watermark that I was nice enough to leave very discretely down one side so as to not take away from the pic, I may as well at least get it posted here for posterity!

Without further ado…

Robert Griffin III

Background… I did this up right after Griffin ran his 40 at the NFL Combine – not because I think his 40 time means that he is going to be any better a quarterback… but because he just looked like such an athlete. After a weekend of him already dazzling everyone at the podium on the microphone, in the chalk room with Steve Mariucci, and a season of him dazzling everyone on the football field, for him to look like such an elite athlete on top of all of that, was just enough to put me over the RGIII ledge.

I had to do something.

There were already dozens of photos of ‘RGIII in a Redskins uniform’ but there is SO MUCH Photoshop work to be done in such a photo that I took the lazy way out and thought up this little Photoshop ‘bastardization’.

I took a photo of Griffin receiving the Heisman trophy, and put it together with the photo of Trent Williams getting his jersey last year. I guess in retrospect I could have looked for a draft photo of someone that was closer in physical stature to Griffin, but I was really just looking to keep everything ‘recent’ as things tend to look fake ifyou ‘go back too far’ in photo morphs. Things like old sets etc start to factor in and I just wanted to do something up that was quick and dirty.

There were two draughts. In the first one, I still had Trent Williams hand holding the jersey – because frankly it was way more work to put in Griffin’s actual hand. But after seeing that it looked pretty darn good otherwise, I took the plunge and spent the time it took to crop out Griffin’s hand from that same Heisman trophy picture, and put it into the composite photo. I was really glad I did when all was done, because for me at least, the ‘physique’ of Trent is a LOT less noticeable when there isn’t that mitt-sized hand holding up the jersey.

Anyway, the good guys over at Hogs Haven were kind enough to leave in the small amount of THN branding that I put on it, but not everybody was, so as I said, #postedforposterity.

Here is the pic of Trent Williams that I used:

Trent Williams  + Griffin III wins Heisman


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  1. Hey,it could happen.Last reports ive been getting is that the rams and the skins,brownies are in negotinating a posible trade for the rights to RG3.I allso heard that the brownies are not so sure they want Rg3.I know one thing,the skins are willing to give up a 1,2 and a 3 in next yrs draft to get RG3,let the bidding wars start,if they havent allready have,HTTR

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