In Love With Two Players

Washington Commanders

In case you missed it yesterday Redskins fans, General Manager Bruce Allen held a press conference to fill in some blanks about the blockbuster trade between the Washington Redskins and the St. Louis Rams.

A lot was said and you can check it all out here, but one of the most important things said was: “Clearly we fell in love with two players,” Allen offered. “We believe one of those players will be a great Redskin.”

So while all of Redskins Nation is out celebrating the prospect of Robert Griffin III being their next quarterback, is there still a chance that this pick would be for Andrew Luck instead of for RGIII? And if so, how would you feel about that?

I hit Twitter for some feedback, and here is what Redskins tweeps were saying:!/lupacchinom/status/178658256024117249!/SkinsOrNuthin/status/178659744666501120!/MikeTheYeti/status/178658360072216576!/drWNC/status/178658671251824641!/ProSportsForums/status/178658807109517312!/SkinsSaints16/status/178659044196761600!/DCdude202/status/178660245982289920!/BrianBackof/status/178660381407977472!/RedsJewell/status/178660527470411776!/Capsandredskins/status/178661555288801280!/Nelford/status/178665180232826880

My thanks to all who particpated and I’m sorry I didn’t put all of the responses up here but some of them were just exactly the same as others’ answers.

When all is said and done, it was almost a dead heat. Most people were pretty indifferent between the two, but if anything, more people would like RGIII as the QB of record for the foreseeable future, than Andrew Luck. I’m not sure if that’s accurate or people’s natural tendency to pick what they ‘think will win,’ a shortcoming I find common on most online polls.

So what do you think? Do you have a preference between the two? Would you be happy with either? Happier with one of them? Pissed regardless because it cost so much?

Be sure to check out yesterday’s blog for some more RGIII twitcons for you to use.

He’s coming…

… we’re just not sure which ‘he’ yet!

Allen also had this little beauty for you all to think about:

“It’s part of the plan we have been developing. We had 12 draft choices last year, we have six draft choices this year, so that’s 18 draft choices, and we’re very comfortable with that.”


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