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PS Fun To Cheer You Up: JLC

By Mark Solway | March 13th, 2012

With the incredibly awesome news that the Washington Redskins have been penalized $36 Million in cap space for circumventing a cap that didn’t exist, I felt compelled, nay, obligated to try and come up with something to cheer up Redskins Nation.

Today during the course of my typical loving Twitter personna, I bad-mouthed resident NFL Network idiot Jason LaCanfora. You remember him? he used to act like a reporter sometimes for the Washington Post.

Anyhoo, I’m not a big fan of his and never have been. Nothing personal, just think his work speaks for itself.

So I was inspired through the course of twonversation, where JLC was mentioned to perhaps be seen as some sort of Garden Gnome. Lovable as they are, somehow it seemed perfect.

I have to admit, I was stunned at how it turned out.


By the way, while we’re on the topic of trying to feel better, make sure you check out Bruce Allen and the Redskins’ official statement about this cap fiasco.


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One Response to “PS Fun To Cheer You Up: JLC”

  1. Oh man, that is what I needed as I can go to bed now instead of trying to find an article, blog, tweet or anything that says cap penalty will not go into effect until appeal process is completed. Still, I do not think V-Jax is the type of WR RGIII will thrive under as Hankersons speed with RGIII arm is a mich better fit. Like I’ve said, Pitt has scouted WRs based on Ben’s mobility, the type that never quit on the play and with one step has seperation away from the CB. It’s time for Niles Paul to show his quickness as he did on his lone KO return last year. LaMicheal James a possibilty to add to the speed the Redskins will have between RGIII, Hankerson and Helu?