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RGIII Flash Countdown

By Mark Solway | March 26th, 2012

Well as of 8pm this evening, the Washington Redskins are just one month away from the 2012 NFL Draft – and if all goes right – be selecting quarterback Robert Griffin III out of Baylor University.

Yeah, yeah, yeah – the Colts could still ‘shock the world’ and select RGIII, but it’s not actually very likely.

So to commemorate the auspicious occasion – and to kick off the one month official countdown, I created a little Flash flick in the spirit of wrestling great Chris Jericho’s Titantron entrance. Corny? Maybe. But it’ll make you wanna kick a little ass, and it’ll probably make you even hungrier to see Robert Griffin III in the burgundy and gold. Click the image, or just plug into your browser. Sorry iPad users – it’s a Flash movie – so no soup for you.

robert griffin III splash

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Hail brothers and sisters!

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3 Responses to “RGIII Flash Countdown”

  1. Nice.

    I’m freaking DEAF now…

    … But, very cool…

  2. Post this on youtube that was beast haha

  3. that was pretty cool!