Capgate Photoshop: The Three Stooges

Washington Commanders

In honor of the three-headed monster that were kind enough to put together the whole concept of hitting the Washington Redskins with a $36 Million cap panalty and the Dallas Cowboys with a $10 Million penalty – I wanted to pay visual homage to this fair and impartial trio.

Of course on the left we have Roger Goodell – the Commish – the brainchild so to speak. I admit that due to many recent events, it may seem difficult to put ‘brain’ and ‘Roger Goodell’ in the same sentence, but he is the figurehead of this whole mess.

On the right we have DeMaurice Smith – the Executive Director of the NFLPA and the man who seemingly sold out to get a cap number moved to a position whereby it would look like the Collective Bargaining Agreement was in good shape. After all… re-elections were last week, and guess who got voted back in as the Executive Director?

In the middle we have John Mara – owner of the New York Giants and head of the NFC East witch hunting committee. Of course the owner of the New York Giants would be impartial about two other teams in his division, silly.

Together – the three come together to form nearly one whole functioning thought – just like the stooges did.

Moe, Larry and Curly ain’t got nothing on Roger, John and De though.

The Three Stooges of Capgate

I love the over-the-topness of the Mara composite. The Maras are old money, so I picture some long hallway in their house where there’s actually a picture EXACTLY the same as this somewhere of John Mara’s ‘Late great, great uncle – the absolutely loony tunes John Mara I.’ Yeah silly I know, but look at the dang picture – how can I be serious?

Here are the pics that were used in the composite:


DeMaurice Smith

The only good thing about this whole mess is that every time Mara opens his mouth – it gets messier – for the three of them.

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