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Griffin Not Doing Private Workouts A Sign?

By Mark Solway | April 3rd, 2012

People tell me not to ‘make anything out of’ Robert Griffin III not doing any private follow-up workouts for teams.

Why not?

I don’t care who Griffin turns down for private workouts, there are only two teams in the running – the Washington Redskins and the Indianapolis Colts. The Redskins have stated that they didn’t need a private workout anyway, and had already seen everything they needed to see. Smart.

Owner Jim Irsay actually sounded like he felt slightly jilted that Indianapolis was refused the private workout from Griffin – maybe I’m reading too much into that. But if you’re Griffin and you’ve already decided that you want to go to Washington and you KNOW they are already happy with what they have seen – why WOULD you go workout for anyone else? And of course you’re going to say that you won’t do a workout for ANYBODY – but what does that really mean? There are two teams in the running – one already says they’ve seen all they need to, isn’t he really just doing an end around by saying he won’t work out for ‘anyone else.’

Pfft. He could have just said, “I’m not working out for the other team in the running,” and it would have been just as applicable. It just wouldn’t have been as politically correct. Make no bones about it – that’s all this is about – appearances. Griffin just quietly and kindly backed off the only other real suitor.

And on the heels of doing an AUTOGRAPH SIGNING with two Redskins in a mall in Virginia this weekend?

You can tell me not to connect the dots all you want – but I already did.

It may not guarantee that Robert Griffin III ends up a Washington Redskin on April 26th – but it certainly says to me that, that’s the way that Robert Griffin III would like it all to work out.

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