Hog Wire: 4/4/12

Washington Commanders

What’s going on in Redskins Nation this week?

New Nike Uniforms
The Nike unveiling yesterday left a lot of people feeling unfulfilled. Seriously? When the veil was finally lifted, the Redskins uniform that was revealed was basically identical to the Reebok version. There are a couple of minor differences like the collar, the numbers on the sleeve and the sleeve cuts themselves. Reactions were mixed to say the least, ranging from, “Thank god we didn’t change anything,” to “Why can’t we have all gold uniforms with burgundy polka-dots?”

Our buddies over at Hogs Haven where there tweeting out live updates all day, and were kind enough to even post some great pics:


Shanahan v McNabb
Mike Shanahan was asked about Donovan McNabb’s recent comments about RGIII and his potential fit with the Redskins. Shanahan didn’t really bite though, and preferred to take the high road. That’s a smart move all things considered, but I for one, would have loved to see him tell McNabb what a lazy slug he has turned into, and that’s the real reason that the only job he can find is slinging mud on ESPN with Skip Baseless. Let’s face it, McNabb didn’t do any better a job on the mic, than he did in the pocket in the last few years. His legs are as tired as his dog and pony act.

Theismann v McNabb
Joey T sometimes rubs people the wrong way because he always has a very strong opinion. Never have I enjoyed that strong opinion more than yesterday when it produced this gold nugget via Dan Steinberg’s DC Sports Bog: “But in the last 18 months of his career, he spent time on three different football teams. If you were that good, you probably would have been kept somewhere, and in Washington he got benched. So it sounded to me like sour grapes. I don’t think it was a fair evaluation….”:

Michael Wilbon
… is raving and drooling like an idiot as always. He was on Tony Kornheiser’s ESPN 980 show Monday morning, waxing poetic about things like his ‘intimate knowledge’ that the Colts might still be interested in Griffin, and when discussing McNabb’s comments last week, he eventually got to this:

“There is not one benefit of the doubt that should be extended — in terms of personnel, decisions or results — to the Washington Redskins. They are the Washington Wizards. They are the same thing. The worst. The worst.”

I took the words ‘the Washington Redskins’ out of that first sentence and inserted the words, ‘Michael Wilbon’ and somehow it seemed more applicable. I kept the last two sentences though. Wilbon, you truly are, “The worst. The worst.” #employedhater

RGIII Twitter

Yesterday’s ‘most interesting, but not really all that interesting if you have a life‘ factoid was that Robert Griffin III finally launched a Twitter account. Some time mid-afternoon yesterday, the account @RGIII was created and tweeted out by the Baylor Athletic Department. It is a legitimate account – it is the new Twitter home of Robert Griffin III. He tweeted a few times yesterday, including to former Redskin and Heismann trophy winner, Desmond Howard. As of 10:00 am this morning, RGIII had racked up an awe-inspiring 69,500+ Followers.

RGIII also made time to attend the Baylor Lady Bears Basketball Final last night, where the Baylor Lady Bears defeated the Notre Dame Fighting Irish 80-61 to win the NCAA women’s basketball championship. RGIII was captured doing a little dance and took pictures with the team.

RGIII also tweeted this after the game:


London Fletcher
Lastly in the non-news category, London Fletcher still isn’t a #Redskin – despite teammate Josh Wilson offering to help negotiate a deal for Fletch, last night on Twitter.


Great to see teammates getting in on the act and trying to encourage Fletcher to re-sign with Washington.

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