McNabb Been Hit With The Stupid Stick?

Washington Commanders

Every time I read something new that Donovan McNabb has said, a little vein in my forehead protrudes and I start to get this little headache.

I want to first say that when the Redskins brought Donovan McNabb to the team in April of 2010, I was initially kind of excited. After all, sure he was getting a little long in the tooth, but I had watched him beat up my team twice a year for most of the last decade.

We all know how that worked out. The result was me actually being marginally more excited when he left last summer, than when he arrived. I’m sure there are many in Redskins Nation that would share a fairly common experience with #5.

One can only assume that due to a complete lack of interest in McNabb’s football services, the once affable, and mild mannered gunslinger, has suddenly turned into an over-opinionated, whiny prick. Obviously Redskins fans likely heard his comments on ESPN’s First Take this past week about how RGIII couldn’t possibly fit in with Mike Shanahan, but it’s not like he stopped there.

McNugget picked Tebow to pick on as well. So he’s a prick, but he isn’t stupid. Why not jump on a bandwagon, even if it is to set it on fire. At least you know you have a captive audience.

It’s not like anything he says make sense anyway. Seems to me that instead of breaking into broadcasting in an honorable manner, and earning some stripes and perhaps one day providing some keen insight – McNabb is taking a short cut and wants to be a shock jock. Awesome. Another in a long line of pro football players that get a TV gig solely because they played the game, but are about as entertaining as the fireplace channel, and as insightful as chalk.

How else could one come up with something as brilliant as this?

McNabb said of Tebow: “As an NFL player, and as a veteran in this game, no one cares what you’re doing during the offseason.”

Uh, excuse me Mr. #5 – have you ever heard of this thing called Twitter? Yesterday that guy that you said couldn’t fit in with the Redskins opened a Twitter account and gained 65,000+ followers in one offseason day. Donovan can’t possibly be that out of touch with reality can he? It has to be as metallic as biting on a fork for an hour to have to act that mind-numbingly thick for the sake of ‘controversy,’ doesn’t it? I mean, the guy never came off as stupid before?!?

Of course, maybe he IS just ignorant. He might really not know that the sports world now exists in an up-to-the-minute environment – where every stupid thing an athlete ever says is broadcast to the world within moments.

Even washed up quarterbacks.

Even during the offseason.


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