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Carlos The Rat: Photoshop

By Mark Solway | April 5th, 2012

Well today’s STHU award goes to none other than the once blind, but now can see, Carlos Rogers.

He’s the latest former Redskin to chime in about a ‘bounty system’ during Gregg Williams’ time in Washington.

Sure it’s his right to I guess… he was here… he was likely asked questions specific to the situation as opposed to just surrendering information without solicitation… sure he has the right to speak what he thinks to be the truth…

Every rat has that right. 😉

Carlos The Rat


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3 Responses to “Carlos The Rat: Photoshop”

  1. Lmao. Nice. he should’ve keep his freaking mouth shut sellout

  2. he’s just one of those players trying to make a former team look bad. i’d give him props if he went on national tv in all seriousness and said “Williams did NOT run a bounty program in Washington, i was being a selfish rat/snitch to get back at the redskins, i apologize” that would make my day.

  3. I thought you said this was Photoshopped…