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If you’re a sports fan and you’ve ever tuned into the corporate big wheel that is ESPN, you’ve likely seen a face or two that just make you go, “Hmmmm.”

For me, that joker is Skip Bayless. I try not to be venomous about it, because it isn’t Skippy’s fault that he works for an employer that obviously encourages him to be as big a douchebag as is humanly possible. If Skippy wasn’t doing exactly what was expected of him, he’d be out in the cold. Instead – he’s front and center.

With the constant spew of diarrhea from his mouth, it is sometimes easy to forget that you’re watching a sports show when you watch something like “1st Take.” It’s more like a cross between a gossip rag and an uncomfortable little show about man crushes. I’m not sure why anybody watches it – the only time I catch a glimpse is when someone tells me how thoroughtly pathetic Skippy has been. Even then, I prefer to just try and find an article or blog about it, so that I don’t have to actually visit ESPN and support the company with my clicks.

And Skip Bayless isn’t about anything but clicks. ESPN doesn’t care if you came to their site to hate on Skip, or to praise him – as long as you come.

For me, Skip looks more and more like a propped up marionette every time I see him. His face gets more gaunt every day – likely from sucking so hard. Which FINALLY brings me to the point of this exercise – a photoshopped pic of Skip.

For some reason – he looks, sounds and acts like the undead to me – like a real live, walking, talking, sports jockey zombie. So this is what I came up with. Enjoy!!

Skip Bayless

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3 thoughts on “TGIF Photoshop: Skippy Baseless

  1. Excellent job! I couldn’t agree more. The guy obviously takes whatever opinion he feels will piss the most people off and definitely, in your words, spews diarrhea.

    Great job by a great guy!

  2. Again… you keep posting these pics, saying they’ve been photoshopped… but all I see is Skip Bayless on the set of “1st Take”. I mean, come on…

  3. Haha – thx Mike. Some of these are so seamless they’re creepy. 😀

    Working on my #ninja diploma in Photoshop.

    And to Rodge – thx buddy. If we tell enough ppl that I’m a good guy, eventually some fool will believe it. 😀

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