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Gaffney Released

I’m not sure I really understand the ‘celebration’ of some Redskins fans of the news today that Jabar Gaffney had been released, but whatever. Gaffney was the most dependable receiver on the roster last season, his only season in the burgundy and gold. Other than a Twitter tirade that may or may not have been him (he says that his account was hacked), his time in Washington was very positive.

He hauled in 68 catches for 947 yards and 5 touchdowns in 2011 – all team highs. All three were also career highs (touchdowns tied 2007).

He is the victim of both his contract and the youth movement. With a cap number of $2.65M because it is all in base salary, the Redskins can actually save more money cutting Gaffney than Santana Moss. Combine that with the arrival of Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan, as well as the (hopefully) triumphant re-hab return for Leonard Hankerson, and Gaffney’s cap number becomes a little large for a guy likely to be relegated from starter to back-up duty.

Regardless, I wish him well, and think somebody will pick him up at a good price and get the same thing the Redskins got – solid, not flashy, production. Good luck Jabar.

Chase Minnifield

I don’t want to be one of ‘those guy’s’ that talks about someone other than the guy I’m writing about, but recent Redskins undrafted free agent addition Chase Minnifield’s dad Frank was one of my favorite players as a young man. He was a dominant cornerback for the Cleveland Browns back in the day

Put me in the corner of the guys that think this is a sleeper pick. Chase is a very different type of cornerback than his dad was, but that doesn’t mean that he didsn’t get his dad’s intangibles – which were off the chart. Chase got labeled as a Cover-2 only cornerback in college, but don’t be surprised to see the Virginia product open a few eyes at training camp, and find a way to squeeze on to at least the practice squad as a work in progress.

Baseless Bayless BS

I can’t even watch the guy, but knowing that, many of my Twitter followers are quick to send me the latest and greatest non-sensical ramblings, of that talentless hack with a microphone.

An Emmy nomination too? What, did they run out of names to put into the blank spots? I digress.

Yesterday, Skippy proved the sage truth of the adage that sometimes it’s better to shut your mouth and have people think you’re a fool, than to open it, and remove all doubt. I don’t even want to get into all of the specifics of the ridiculousness of the things that Bayless said, because somehow that would bring them credence. I’m not going to provide a link to his bullspit, because I don’t want to promote the drivel in any way, shape or form. I leave it up to Joe Q Redskin to decide if his raving and drooling about Kirk Cousins is even worth talking about. It isn’t to me, unless its just to express my disgust that the sports world is going to hell in a handbasket when a guy like Skip Bayless is paid to express the moronic opinions that he was expressing yesterday.

By the way, when my girlfriend brought up the vid clip to see why I was smashing my face on my keyboard, knowing nothing of Bayless or his antics, she innocently commented, “Oh I didn’t know the guy was gay.”

Can’t fool the ladies Skip.


I started the ridiculously long hashtag this morning. Please feel free to jump in on Twitter at any time with your non-sensical ramblings. I have been all day.

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2 thoughts on “Hog Wire: News And Notes

  1. I think the reason so many people aren’t upset that Gaffney is leaving is because of the youth movement. There are a lot of potential stars on the roster that simply don’t get playing time because of the veterans like Jabar. Given that we just brought in a superstar (supposedly) QB and they’re in the midst of getting pieces in place for the future, it’s the right time to move out some of the old and make way for the new.

    The young guys can’t excel if they’re never on the field. Removing Gaffney is a good way to clear a path to their potential success.

  2. I understand the move completely – as I said in the blog – big cap number for a back-up (partially because of a backseat to the youth movement). What I don’t get is that people need to sling mud at Redskins when they leave,just because they’ve left.

    Gaffney was a very decent player for the Redskins in 2011. I’m sure he’ll be the same for the Patriots in 2012.

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