Photo Gallery: Kevin Mitchell (1971-2007)

Washington Commanders

During his time as a Redskin, I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Mitchell on many occasions. Not once was he ever unpleasant to talk to or interact with. Win or lose, he always flashed his trademark smile for everyone to see.

To help commemorate the fifth anniversary of his passing, I have put together this gallery of various photos that have never been seen by the media. If you never had the chance to meet him, hopefully these photos give you a clear view into his personality.

The family and childhood photos were provided by his widow, Denise Mitchell, and the photos from Redskins training camp in 2001 and 2002 were taken by my mother, Terri Russell.

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This was a portrait that former teammate Eddie Mason had made for the Mitchell family.

Kevin with Jon Jansen and Ethan Albright after a training camp practice in 2001.

Kevin enjoying a cupcake after a training camp practice in 2002.

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  1. Love the family photos…especially the one with Thomas the Tank Engine in the background. The camp pictures sure bring back memories. Wish there were more people in this world like Kevin Mitchell. R.I.P. Kevin

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