Redskins Launch New Uniforms Today

Washington Commanders

The Redskins will unveil the team’s new 80th Anniversary uniforms today.

Here is the Anniversary patch that has been circulating:


With Nike taking over the digs this year, there is much anticipation in Redskins Nation as to what is in store with the new uniforms.

They will “blend historical elements from the team’s past, with a new-age look for the future,” according to the official blog – whatever that means.

Hopefully they will be as nice as the 70th Anniversary uniforms were – that way we all go out and spend even more of our hard-earned ducats on Redskins memorabilia.

RGIII + 80th Anniversary Gear = #1 Christmas Gift in DC for 2012

The Redskins are flying a new flag at the practice bubble today – is this potentially a sneak peak into the new uniforms? Or at least the new color scheme? That’s a nice dark burgundy and dark gold color combination on the flag…!/Redskins/statuses/200656220577726465

Apparently the Redskins will be streaming live footage from the unveiling on their Ustream page starting at around 5pm.

One thing you can count on about the Redskins new uniforms – some people will love ’em, some people will hate ’em.

Can’t please all the people, all the time.


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